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Beautypie Group Shot

Everyone is going crazy for the latest beauty subscription service on the block – Beautypie.  For a monthly £10 membership you will get ‘luxury’ beauty products at affordable prices.  There is no mark up. The price transparency is their USP.  I have been a member for a couple of months so I have tried lots of their products.  I have lots of thoughts on the Beautypie service – you can read my post on that here. I’ve listed the recommend price and the  member price so that you can see the price reduction that the service offers you.  If you just want to know what I think about the products that I have tried – keep reading.

Everyday Great Skin Foundation £30.00/£4.75

Beautypie Everyday Great Skin Foundation Nutmeg

It is a good foundation. sadly it is not available in my shade. I got in touch with Beautypie’s PR and was given information about the order that the shades will be launched in.  I don’t think it is acceptable to launch in 2017 without a fully inclusive range. I can make it work with my CoverFX Custom Cover Drops, but I should not have to.  I have shared more of my thoughts on the Beautypie concept here.

Back to the foundation  – it is medium coverage but you can build it up.  If you enjoy some of the Armani foundation formulas, you will enjoy this product.  It is housed in a weighty glass bottle and most importantly has a pump.  If I could get my shade, I would be very happy, but I can’t, so I’m not!

Eyeshadow Palettes £35.00 / £6.94

Beautypie Eyeshadow Palettes
Beautypie Eyeshadow Palettes

The palettes contain 10 shades and a hefty 21 grams of product .  A mixture of four matte and six satin or shimmer formulas. I picked up both palettes.  I consider myself to be an eyeshadow freak and to be blunt, I found the formula and shade selection to be disappointing.  The neutral palette has golden tones and the smoky palette has silver tones. With the smoky palette there was a real opportunity to have some deep tones but it is just a grey gradient. The shimmer and satin shades perform much better than the matte colours and the lighter colours blend away to nothing on my skin tone.

Beautpie Neutral Palette Swatches Dark Skin
Neutral Palette

With these shadows it is best to use a thicker eye shadow base.  Something like a MAC paint pot or NYX jumbo pencil will work best.  I feel very ‘meh’ about these shadows.  There are more pigmented shadows and palettes on your high street as well as in your department store.  If you have a light complexion and like a palette that does not have a significant variation of colour you will enjoy this palette.  I need more oomph from my palette so this is not for me.

Beautypie Smoky Palette Dark Skin Swatches
Smoky Palette

Fantastikohl Smudgy Eye Colour Crayon (Black Amethyst) £16.00/£1.82

Beautpie Fantastikohl Smudgy Eyeliner (Black Amethyst)

My second favourite item from the bunch.  The triangular shape of this pencil makes it very ergonomic to hold.  The texture of the pencil is soft, but not as soft as a gel formula pencil.  The colour is outstanding.  Very highly recommended.

Flash False Lash Mascara £20.00 / £2.10

Beautypie Flash False Lash Mascara

I love the formula but I hate the brush. it does give great length BUT the brush makes it clump on the lashes.  I use a disposable brush with this formula and it is much much better. It also gives curl and volume but it is accurate to call it false lash effect.  The removal takes a bit of effort. you need to use a micellar water before going in with your usual cleanser.  A hit for me.

FutureLipstick Matte (Red Light) £20.00 / £2.84

Beautypie FutureLipstick Matte

They don’t have a decent purple on the site so I chose a red because if a brand can do a good red, it does a good lipstick.  The colour is lovely, the formula is good.  They call it ‘Future Matte but it is not tight or stiff on the lips. I need to use a lipliner with this as my bottom lip which is a different colour to my top lip makes the colour orangy red .  The ombre effect is nice but I like my matte red lip to be the same colour top and bottom.  Good not great.

One Powder Wonder £26.00/£3.68

Beautypie One Powder Wonder

The stark white colour of this powder was concerning to me when I first saw it, but I am on a bit of a powder kick at the moment so I thought what the heck.  This has the texture of  the NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder.  When you swatch it with your finger you get hardly any product. on the skin.  You feel like you have not picked up any produt on youor brush and that you are not doint anything.  You are, your foundation is set but you don’t look like a glitter ball.  There is no flash in photography on my deep skintone and I have to say I really like it.  I have tested it with cream and liquid products and it was fine.  You get 8 grams of product so it will take you a while to get through it.

Precision Eyeliner Marker £16.00/£1.50

Beautypie Precision Eyeliner

My favourite of the bunch.  Blackest black,  shiny, easy to apply SO SO GOOD. If you enjoy the Kat Von D tattoo liner, you will like this. Go and get one.

Pro Glow Highlighter £30.00/£5.46

Beautypie Pro Glow Highlighter

At first glance you assume that this is a homage to the Laura Geller  a famous high lighter.  However the embossing is different and so is the texture.  It is much more chunky glitter than Laura Geller or Becca.  I wanted to love this but I can’t.  It is frosty white on one side and a beautiful golden bronze on the other .  I am sure that the idea is that you swirl them together but the effect is just frosty on my skin.  The result in real life is Ashy McNasty but in Instagram photographs it looks STUNNING.  There are 8 grams of product which is plenty but this is a miss for me…

Beautypie Swatches Dark Skin
Pro Glo Highligter (light gold and white tones, Futurelipstick and Foundation

So the products are hit and miss as is the case with many ranges.  My recommendation is to go for the colour products and hold back on the complexion shades.  If you want to know why I have come to that conclusion – this post will give you all the information that you need.

Are you a member of Beautypie?  Let me know what your favourite products are in the comments.  


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