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EcoTools EcoFoam Sponges

Last week I wrote about some of my favourite brush sets from EcoTools.  This week it is all about sponges, brow tools and some highly recommended  individual brushes.

Perfecting Blender Duo (£9.99)

EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo

There are lots of alternatives to the  Beauty Blender on the market.  I’ve reviewed some of them here and can tell you that not all sponges are made equally.  The  EcoTools version uses a propriety product called EcoFoam.  EcoFoam is a plant based product so it will biodegradable.  This duo from Eco Tools really impressed me for the squidginess. In a beauty sponge, squidginess is a good thing and the element that many dupes fail to accomplish.

EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo

Both sponges have a couple of flat surfaces so a) they don’t roll around in your makeup storage and b) it makes blending product on the flat planes of your face like your forehead and cheeks slightly easier.  They don’t have the best longevity and your product will stain them after fist use, even when you clean them immediately after use, but if you are looking for a good squidigy face sponge these are a really good option.

Colour Perfecting Minis (£7.99)

EcoTools Colour Perfecting Minis

The four colours are to line up with colour correcting colours.  For me this feels gimmiky.  As a women of colour I never use a colour correcting lilac or green.  In addition if you clean your brushes as your should there is no issue with one colour contaminating another.

EcoTools Colour Perfecting Minis

Anyway, these are tiny sponges which I like to use for powder application.  For a full face of cake face glam I like to apply my contour or powder with this product.  As a glasses wearer the small sponges are great for layering powder around the nose and really mattifying the area.  They are also great for concealing spots and pimples as you can squeeze the sponge into a smaller shape and build up the colour over a small area.

Brow Shaping Duo (£4.99)

EcoTools Brow Shaping Duo

An essential part of your makeup routine whether for a no-makeup makeup look or full on Instagram glamour is brows.  This kit contains two of your essentials, a spoolie to brush through the brows and an angled liner brush for powder or pomade application.

EcoTools Brow Shaping Duo

The spoolie is best for brows that have already been shaped rather than unruly hairs.  The liner is great for pomades as it is dense enough to pick up product yet soft enough to apply the the brows without messing up the shape.

Full Powder Brush (£8.99)

EcoTools Full Powder Brush

One of my favourite brushes from the range – not only because it has been personalised but because it is such a good brush.  I have talked previously about my love of tulip shaped brushes  and the full powder brush has that same shape.

Personalised EcoTools Full Powder Brush

The 70,000 bristles make it fluffy but dense at the same time.  In conjunction with the tulip shape this means that you can bake, set areas of the face, dust with a finishing powder, bronze and anything else that you feel appropriate.  I love a multifunctional brush and this one has been on heavy rotation.

Micro Blending Tool £4.99

EcoTools Micro Blending Brush

When I first saw this brush I was not completely sure what I was going to do with it. It looks like an angled eyeshadow brush but it is not.  It quickly become one of my most used tools.  Great for buffing out concealer or colour corrector under the eyes and tidying up a messy lip line.  It is also great for blending out the line between your contour and main foundation colour if you look a bit stripy.  The angled shape makes it great for nooks and crannys around the nose.  If you are trying to cover up a blemish you can stipple over the spot without irritating it and get a flawless finish.

EcoTools Micro Blending Too

I have really enjoyed getting to know the EcoTools brand.  The range is far more diverse than I thought.  Whatever your brush preference you will find something for your needs.  I am super impressed with the sponges and my personal preference is for the face brushes over the eye brushes.  If sustainability in your makeup products is important to you this is a brand that you need to look at, but you if you are just looking for a good quality brush at high street prices it is worth heading to the EcoTools website to see the full range.


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