Iman Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil in Seduction – Taboo it Ain’t!

Iman Perfect Eyeshadow Pencil Crayon in Seduction

I am not a fan of the Clinique Chubby Stick. However, when I saw the Iman Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil in Seduction I was intrigued. Whilst I can see the validity of the ‘chubby stick’ concept, I have not found a product that really works for me. Iman as a brand was  escalated exponentially in my estimation when I got my hands on the Taboo lipstick. That is my favourite colour of purple and they put it in a lipstick.  I know that Iman can create a jaw dropping purple so I hoped the Seduction would be amazing too.

Iman Perfect Eyeshadow Pencil Crayon in Seduction


It’s not Iman’s fault… but I don’t like the packaging of these ‘chubby stick type pencils.  Why? Because you cant sharpen them. On first use, you are able to do precise application so you get excited.  After the fith use, the nib is round like a peach.  All precision is gone.  The packaging that they have used is standard and lots of other brands use it.  I really wish they hadn’t.  The nib is retractable.  The lid is secure. Overall it is fine… about from the non sharpenable nib.

Iman Perfect Eyeshadow Pencil Crayon in Seduction

The Colour and the Texture

Taboo this is not.  This colour is quite different in the swatch to on the skin.  When swatched, the colour is opaque deep purple.  On the lids it is sheer and glossy.  It registers as dark rather than purple on the lids.   When I swatched this  on my arm, I thought I was getting an opaque but emollient product.  Actually the eyeshadow stick it is sheer and glossy.  It is not what I was expecting but it is a pretty look.  It is also impractical because

a) it is slightly sticky on the skin so if like me you have hooded eyes and you blink your fatty folds get stuck together and

b) it creases after a few hours, even with an eyelid primer underneath it.

The colour is pretty and the finish is ‘wearable editorial’ of course a shadow of the top will be amplified but I feel that I should be able to wear an eyeshadow stick on it’s own.

Iman Perfect Eyeshadow Pencil Crayon in Seduction

Lips and Cheeks

The name of this product is the Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil.  Iman advises on the packaging that it works for lips and cheeks. To be honest, think that it works better as a lip and cheek product.  This is a great base for a contour powder.  The purple shade definitely has some grey in it. Grey for photos especially black and white it really provides definitely which is essential for my plate face.  It does not work for me as a blush. On the lips this is a beautiful sheer tone. It is like a lip gloss in a stick.  It is great over a lipstick or lip liner providing dimension

Iman Perfect Eyeshadow Pencil Crayon in Seduction - swatch, dark skin

This product is £14.50 and to be honest I am not sure it is worth it.  If you are going to use it as an eyeshadow, it definitely is not.  If a multifunctional product  is up your street , it might be worth investigating but only if a sheer glossy look is what you are looking for.


Have a read of my review of Iman’s Taboo lipstick here.  Follow me on Instagram for beauty news and reviews.


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