Odylique Honey and Oat Cleansing Bar – An Organic Exfoliating Soap

Odylique Honey and Oat Cleansing Bar

Do you still use bars of soap? Does a product like the Odylique Honey and Oat Cleansing Bar fill you will joy or horror?  In advance of Organic Beauty Week, I’m reviewing an organic soap which has the Soil Associations seal of approval and was developed for sensitive skin.

Odylique Honey and Oat Cleansing Bar


This product is made up of four main organic ingredients.  Honey, coconut oil, virgin olive oil and oats.  The process of making soap – saponification requires  a salt (caustic soda not table salt) and a fat.  The result is soap and glycerol.  In cosmetics the process is more refined but the basic chemistry is the same.  The olive and coconut oils are moisturising, the honey provides some moisturisation and anti bacterial properties.  The oats provide a very gently (almost non existant) exfoliation.

Odylique Honey and Oat Cleansing Bar

On the Skin

Odalyique say that this bar is suitable for face and body.  Personally, I would not use this on my face.  I like my facial cleanser to have a more refined texture.  In addition, I would not use a bar soap on my face that I am planning to use on the hairy bits of my body on my face.  Bacteria from one area needs to stay in the area dont you think?   If you want to use this product in both areas, either buy two bars (they are only £6.50 each), or cut your one bar in half.  Please.

The Honey and Oat Cleansing bar does not lather up like Imperial Leather,  a bubble bath or a synthetic soap lather.  With a bit of effort you get  dense small bubbles.  This product did not irritate my skin at all, but if you have sensitive skin, you should do a patch test first.

Odylique Honey and Oat Cleansing Bar

I have very dry skin on my body, it left my skin a little dry but that may be due to being in a hard water area. It did not leave my skin taut or uncomfortable when I came out of the shower.  I definitely needed to use a moisturiser afterwards.

Do you need it?

Generally I am not a fan of honey fragranced products thanks to a L’Occitane Honey and Lemon shower gel which has scarred me for like.  Thankfully the Honey and Oat Cleansing  bar does not smell like that.   It has a very subtle fragrance but it is hard to separate out the notes. Does not smell like anything. Does not smell like porridge.

A cleansing bar is not the most exciting product in your bathroom… if you dont have any skin issues.  If you have sensitive skin and are struggling to find a product that will not irritate you, a good cleansing bar is important.

My favourite way to use this is as a hand soap.  Not in a guest bathroom where you have to share it with people but you for and your inner circle it is a defnite yes for me.  I liked it in the shower, but I prefer a more exfoliating product.

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