IMATS 2017: Did I stick to my list?


Yaaasss, it’s my IMATS 2017 haul.  I really enjoy IMATS.  For one day in the year I REALLY let my inner makeup geek out.  I play with all the makeup.  I ask lots of questions, I attend seminars and spend all alot of  money.  Over the years, I have learnt that IMATS is the best place to get hold of pro brands.  Writing a list really helps me to focus on what I want and need.  It is very easy to get distracted by all the colours and textures and packaging.


It was on my list and I bought it

  • Smith Brushes – I saw on social media that LOVE Makeup were going to be stocking this brush range.  I have been stalking Smith Brushes for about eighteen months.  When I saw  they were going to be at IMATS I knew I was going to buy some.  I was restrained and picked up two brushes.  They are amazing and I will definitely pick up more.

Smith Brushes

  • Viseart Editorial Palette – I LOVE my Dark Matte palette and I knew that I wanted the Editorial Brights.  It was the first thing that I picked up and my love for Viseart continues.

IMATS 2017 Viseart Editorial Brights Palette

  • Makeup Atelier Paris – I see this brand at IMATS every year.  Every year I swatch products and am impressed.  I knew that if I saw what privately called #thepurplepalette aka Moonstone it was going to be mine.  It was there, so I picked it up.

IMATS 2017 Makeup Atelier Paris Moonstone Palette

It was on my list and but I did not buy it

  • Hakkuhodo Brushes – are are IMATS every year. My plan was that 2017 was going to be my year to invest but in truth I had not done enough research.  When I got to the stand I was just overwhelmed by the different ranges so I retreated.

IMATS 2017 Hakuhodo Brushes

It was not on my list but I bought it anyway

  • Viseart Amethyst Theory Palette – This palette was not on my list but when I saw it, I had to have it.  My third Viseart palette but my first theory palette.  It has three matte and three shimmer shades and a beautiful array purples.

IMATS 2017 Viseart Theory Palette in Amethyst

  • Danessa Myricks Colorfix Metallic Cream Shadow in Wild Orchid- At the end of last year I intended to make an order from Daness’s site.  However, shipping costs were prohibitive so I stepped away from the computer.  When I saw her range was at IMATS and that she is now stocked at Guru Makeup Emporium I had to make a purchase.

IMATS 2017 Danessa Myricks Colorfast Metallic Cream Shadow in Wild Orchid

  • Cozzette Eyeshadows – This was another ‘had to’ purchase. Cozzette products are sold on Danessa’s website.  Again I did not know that they were going to be at IMATS.  I got to swatch and play and well…. I bought four!

IMATS 2017 Cozzette Ultimate Eyeshadows

I am so pleased with my purchases.  It is eyeshadow heavy but I am an eyeshadow fanatic so it makes sense.  Look out for reviews of these products over the coming of months. I have been playing with them for a couple of weeks now and I can tell you there is not a dud amongst them!

I think that IMATS 2017 was my best hall yet! Click here and here to see my previous IMATS hauls and let me know in the comments if you agree!.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.


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