Ghost: Whitelight Diamond Dust Eau De Parfum

Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust

The Perfume Shop is celebrating 25 years.  The fragrance that they have chosen to mark the occasion is Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust.  My experience of Ghost fragrances is mixed.  The packaging is feminine int he most girlie way.  The fragrances tend to be fruity florals that are sweeter than I prefer.  Despite the fact that the Ghost clothing line has a slightly older feel, the perfumes have always felt very young so I went into this review with trepidation.

Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust

The Packaging

The crescent moon bottle is cute.  It is not the kind of bottle that you want to keep in the box in a darkened drawer. It is definitely one for display.  The first thing that I notice is the lilac chrome lid.  I see purple everywhere!  The other aspect of this packaging the differs from the rest of my fragrance collection is the shimmer that is within the fragrance itself.

Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust

On The Skin

When I initially sprayed Whitelight Diamond Dust, I did not like it at all.  There was an overwhelming / overpowering  hairspray note which pushed the fruits and flowers out of the way forcibly.  I know that the initial spritz of a fragrance is not necessarily how it will smell on the skin.  After my initial spritz, I  carry on with my life for about 30 minutes. Then I smell my wrist again.  There is a 75 percent improvement in the fragrance.  Patchouli is still dominant but the fruit and floral are settling into thier positions comfortably. I don’t hate it at this stage.  30 minutes later still and it goes from unbearable to bearable.  The powder from the iris is holding hands with vanilla to create an almost musk element.  The pear and peach are no longer juicy but they still provide some sweetness.  Three hours in and the musk element is all that remains.  As well as the scent, every spritz deposits a subtle sprinkling of micro-glitter.   I think that is is pretty, a nice touch but another example of the ‘young’ aesthetic.

Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust

Signature Scent

I am really surprised Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust was chosen to be the signature scent for The Perfume Shop’s 25th Anniversary.  Not because I am not a fan of it but becaue for me, but because this smells like a teenager. A twenty fifth anniversary is a huge milestone.  Adult  and grown in every sense. The Perfume Shop is working hard to improve it’s reputatation as a credible place to buy fragrance and for me this choice is a disconnect.  The Perfume Shop has loads of  exciting and interesting fragrances in the range and it is a shame that the opportuity to showcase a different side of the retailer was not shown.

Whitelight Diamond Dust retails for £27.00 from The Perfume Shop

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