Belated Happy Blog Anniversary

Purple Cake


Last month was my fifth blog anniversary. Hurrah!! I did not celebrate it as June was an emotionally heavy month.  Between the terror attacks  and the Grenfell disaster, I did not feel like my blog anniversary was a priority.  To be frank, I was not in the mood for celebrating.  There was a lot to think about and a blog birthday did not feel like one of them.

Purple Cake

I love my blog, I would not have been doing it for five years if I didn’t, but it is only one facet of my life.  Whilst I don’t generally post about current affairs and politics on my social media platforms, in real life, I like many have felt that the world had gone crazy and that I needed to take a minute to breathe. I made the decision to celebrate the blog anniversary over an extended period once the world seemed to have calmed down a bit and a big work deadline had passed.  So I did and now we are here in the middle of July.  I have been more active on Instagram Stories so you can find me, my dodgy bathroom lighting and some eyeshadow there most days.

I say it every year and I mean it every year.  Huge thank you to everyone who reads and subscribes to my purple corner of cyber space. Equally huge thank you to all the brands and PR’s that I have worked with over the past twelve months.  I truly appreciate each and everyone one of you who is navigating this beauty space with me.  Get ready for giveaways during the blog birthday season  which will run from now to September.  I plan to do giveaways on all my platforms starting this week here on the blog!



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