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3ina like Lola makeup is a Spanglish (Spanish and English) brand with a Kiko bricks and mortar set up. They are located in beauty central aka Covent Garden.  When you enter the store the first thing that hits you is the amount of colour.  From the lipsticks to the nail varnishes they are presented via a rainbow of gorgeous colour with crisp white and accent colour packaging and lots of testers so that you can discern which colour will work for you before you pop it into your tiny basket.


3ina also need to be acknowledge for having and inclusive range of foundations and concealers in different formulas. You can imagine that I was like a child in a sweet shop when I walked into the story.  Fortunately for my bank balance, my sister was with me, and shot me a look every time I audibly oohed and ahhed so I only picked up two products.

3ina Cream Eyeshadow (shade 314)

3INA cream eyeshadow

I am a fan of eye shadows generally but I love a cream eyeshadow.  There is something effortless chic about a wash of colour all over the lid.  As much as I am obsessed with purple, having a cream shadow that is somewhere in the brown spectrum is a makeup addict essential.  Pop it in your makeup bag with a mini mascara and you are good to go. Wear it as a base for powder shadows for longevity and colour intensity. You get the idea.  I would describe this shade a dark taupe.  Normally a taupe is created for a Caucasian skin tone so it is light and can come of as being anywhere from  khaki green to mushroom or if it is a shimmer shade, mushroom to greige.  A proper taupe is a neutral shade which is why it is so popular as you can wear it with warm and cool tones.

3INA cream eyeshadow

Having a dark taupe means that for those of use with pigmented skin we get the mushroom-greige-khaki combo in a hue that is closer to our skin tone.  The result is the effortless chic rather than ‘glam’ which a lighter taupe can create.  The texture is extremely smooth.

3INA cream eyeshadow swatch

You can apply this with a shader brush, your fingers or a fluffy brush depending on the opacity you want on the skin.  The finish is metallic rather than shimmery.  There are no discernible reflex particles but it does bounce the light of your lids.  this means it is pretty when the light catches it but that natural sunlight, candle light or the yellow tungsten light in your office.  It dries down in about 30 seconds so you have some to play and buff out the edges.

3ina Nail Varnish (Shade 119)

3INA Nail Varnish

As with the colour cosmetics there are a huge number of nail colours available from matte yellow to deepest black and most things in between. I plumped for a purple. Shade 119 is a purple galaxy in the bottle with swirls of sparkle and shimmer against a backdrop of glossy imperial purple.

3INA Nail Varnish

This shade is not unique in my collection but as a wise woman once said, ‘you can never have too many purple nail polishes (that wise women is me by the way!).  My nails are very long at the moment. In all honesty, I would prefer this shade when my nails are a little shorter. That does not take away from the colour.  The shimmer on the nails is subtle and adds dimension rather than being overpowering.

3INA Nail VarnishThis applies smoothly and evenly and whilst I can get it to be opaque in one coat, the overall result is better in two thinner coats.  With a Seche Vite topping it I get five days perfect wear.  Personally I prefer a slightly thicker texture like the Burberry formula, but this is a good product and I would buy more.


If you have tried the 3ina foundations please let me know your thoughts on it. Read more makeup reviews here and here.  Follow me Instagram for pictures of beauty items I am currently using and some randomness.


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