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The Mr and I went to Japanese restaurant Tsunami in Clapham (North) to try their ‘All You Can Eat’ menu. There are over 20 dishes to choose from which have helpfully been divided into Apetisers, Mains, Sushi Wraps, Nigri and Sushi Rolls.  You choose your dishes, and keep choosing until your one hour forty five minute time slot  is over or your belly is full.  Whichever comes first!

The Food


Tsunami Edamami

The ‘All You Can Eat’ menu starts with edamame.

Tsunami Kataifi Prawns
Kataifi Prawns

If you have ever eaten Baklava you may  be familiar with Kataifi pastry. It has the appearance of vermacelli or shredded wheat and is ussually soaked in honey and has nuts on the inside.  The geniuses at Tsunami decided to wrap black tiger prawns in Kataifi pastry.  The result is an initial crunch through the pastry to get to the succulent prawn. Delicious.

Tsunami Tempura Vegetables
Vegetable Tempura Selection

Perfectly cooked mushrooms, sweet potatoe and courgette

Tsunami Ohitashi Blanched Spinach
Ohitashi Blanched Spinach

Blanched spinach served cold with caramelised onion and sesame paste.

Tsunami Nasu Goma
Nasu Goma

Augergine is my favourite vegetable. It has nothing at all to do with the fact that it is purple. It has  everything to do with that it is versatile and when treated correctly – delicious. At Tsunami, aubergine is grilled and served with a sesame paste.  On tasting the Nasu Goma the Mr said

That was the best aubergine I have ever eaten.

Yeah, what he said. Seriously if you take no other recommendation – eat the Nasu Goma.

Tsunami Teriyaki Salmon
Salmon Teriyaki

Pak Choi and broccoli provide a delicious backdrop to the salmon.  It’s a little bit salty, a little bit sweet and one hundred percent succulent!

Tsunami Roasted Pork Belly
Roasted Pork Belly


The pork belly litterally melted in the mouth.  It was a generous portion and the the Mr and I were getting full but we could not stop eating it.  Amazing.

Sushi Wrap

The All You Can Eat menu defeated us before we got to the sushi element of the menu… but… well… we just could not resist.

Tsunami Spicy Tuna Wrap
Spicy Tuna Wrap

The spicy tuna wrap was the perfect finale to  and hour and forty five minutes of culinary delight.

Tsunami Baggu Batida (L) and Fumiko (R)
Baggu Batida (L) and Fumiko (R)

The Drinks

You can accompany the ‘All You Can Eat’ menu with limitless champagne for an additional £15 but we opted for cocktails

Tsunami Japito

Final Thoughts

The Mr and I really enjoyed Tsunami.  The food is delicious and the restaurant is a busy with a mix of friends and families enjoying the food drink and the atmosphere.  It is easy to get carried away ith an all you can eat menu so my top tips are

  • Keep an even ratio meat and veggies.  It is easy to go protein heavy but that will make you feel full quicker.
  • Take your time. You have an hour and forty five minutes which is plenty of time.
  • Book a table – Tsunami gets busy!
Tsunami Little Rappongi
Little Rappongi

Things to note

The All You Can Eat menu is available from 12 – 3pm Friday and Saturdays. Sundays.12.30 to 5.30pm

Location –  Voltaire Road, Clapham.

Free Parking – On a weekend, yes.

Wheelchair Accessible – Yes, There is a flat entrance to the restaurant and a very small step into the toilets which are not completely accessible but depending on the size of your chair you may be able to navigate it.

Family Friendly – Yes. Lots of snacking food and options and a relaxed and friendly atomosphere.

Read more of my restaurant reviews here and here.  Follow me on Instagram for my beauty news, reviews and randomness

Tsunami Soy Sauce and Water

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