Origin from Aqualis – a rose fragrance I love

Origin Aqualis fragrance

Origin from Aqualis was recommened to me by the team at Bloom Perfumery and it was a great pick. I was asked about the fragances I was currently wearing and I cant even remember what I said all I know is that I was given a blotter with Origin Aqualis on it and I LOVED it.  Thirty minutes later, I left with a different bottle of fragrance and a decant of Origin.  Safe to say I am obsessed.  Aqualis is a new brand to me and Origin is an unusual fragrance choice for me.   Why? Becuase of the rose note.  I dont like rose in fragrances. I really dont,  BUT this Origin is so intoxicating so beautiful and so amazing… that all is forgiven.

Origin Aqualis fragrance

The Brand

Aqualis was founded by Steyn Grobler, a Londoner (via South Africa).  He gained his fragrance experience with niche brand Boadicea the Victorius. Utilising notes from home (south Africa). 2016 saw the brand launch it’s first four fragrances.  The two perfumers that the brand use, Amandine Galliano and Jean Charles Mignon have worked together previously on Yardley 1770 and are affilliated with Robertet – a well know frgrance manufacturer.


Origin is an ode to the earliest aspects of universe and the earliest pioneers of fragrance

Origin uses some of the oldest ingredients in fragrance and yet the frgrance does not smell like your granny.

  • Namibian Myrrh
  • Egyptian Jasmine Absolute
  • Turkish Rose Absolute
  • French Vanilla Bourbon
  • French Patchouli
  • Indian Papyrus

On the skin

First spritz is bold, dark floral with the myrrh providing a warm slightly woody but not  smoky opening. Combined with this I get a good dose of the rose and a green element. in the dry down it gets even more exciting.  I cannot distinguish the vanilla note but there is a slight warmth on the skin.  for me the rose is always more dominant than the jasmine but with the myrhh and the dryness of the papyrus for me it makes the rose more wearable and more delicious.

There is something decidely oud-esque in this fragrance. To be clear, it does not smell like an oud.  However, there is a density and dryness that never turns fecal or animalic on the skin.  This is a perfect autumn /winter scent.  The dry warmth is the perfect complement to cool cold and wet weather.  On the skin it is about five hours before it becomes a skin scent.

Origin Aqualis fragrance

Final thoughts

If you like your roses green and wet – it is not for you.  If you are not a fan of heavier scents, this may not be to your taste but if an opulent scent that makes you feel confident and self asurred is what you are after, you need to get a whiff Origin.

I have not purchased this fragrance yet, but I am going to becuase I love it.  I received the decant and got through it in a week.  A rose fragrance in a week – you know it is true love.


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