Milk Makeup: Hydrating Oil

Milk is the newest hyped brand that is popping up all over social media. I managed to get my hands on the Hydrating Oil. Of all the available options I chose the Hydrating Oil because if it does not work for my face I figure I can use it on my  body. So, I’ve had it in my collection for a while and I have some thoughts.  To find out what they are keep on reading.

The Brand

Milk is what I would describe as a New York hipster brand. The founding team consists of a product developer, a beauty editor and new presenter.  The aesthetic is effortlessly millennial urban chic with a head does of gender neutral.  I don’t mean to sound disparaging but the website is full of beautiful people under 23. I am happy to dip into brands where I am not the core customer but I cant imagine myself being welcomed into their bricks and mortar store.

On The Skin

Today I have used it as a face oil and this has been the final step. I don’t find the oil to be hydrating. The oil is sitting on my skin, not being absorbed even when applied to damp skin.  Same effect on my face as on the back on my hand.  It does not melt into the skin. It does not do what I want it to do so I tried it on my body, specifically legs which are notoriously dry. The Milk Hydrating Oil did not even begin to deal with my crocodile scales.

Final Thoughts

It is a solid which theoretically makes it great for travel. Milk say that you can use it over or under makeup. Over makeup it will give you a slick hydrated look. Initially it is not how I thought I would use the product, I bought it as a skincare rather than a makeup product but the truth is, for my skin it is a rubbish skincare product. It is not moisturising or nourishing on the skin it just sits on top of the skin so I can either use it as a primer or my preferred way to use it is as a base for my highlighter.  It is like a barrier cream.I don’t like this product. This brand is super hyped but this product definitely is not worth it.

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