Becca: First Light Priming Filter

I bought the Becca First Light Priming Filter because it is purple. I can you seen you rolling your eyes already.  I cant help it. Purple things give me all the feels.  And yes, I know that purple is used to colour correct sallowness in light to medium skintones.  I am not the hugest fan of a primer but I could not resist this one because it is in my favourite colour. In fairness it is more lavender than purple but you get the idea. I know Becca for their highlighters. I own several of them and really like them so lets see if they can turn me into a primer fan.


I love the glass bottle. I know that many think that it is too impractical for their bathroom but I love weighty and weighted products. The pump mechanism works well and one pump is plenty for my large face.

On the skin

It is not an illuminating primer so there is not a level of sheen or radiance on the face. Which is pretty surprising since Becca are known for their highlighters. As someone with a rich skin tone it has been really interesting for me. In the centre of my face where my undertone is more yellow, the lavender shades does not register on the skin at all, in any way shape or form. On my forehead which is both darker and cooler in undertone a purple tinge is definitely left on the skin. Once I apply my foundation the purple tinge is not left over. And it does not change the colour of my foundation.

The primer is not super tacky or sticky as a base for foundation. I am not tempted to wear it over moisturiser and nothing else. It really just feels like a light weight lotion on the skin and nothing else.

Final thoughts

It didn’t make my makeup last longer on my skin, it did not really give me a glowy finish, it did not refine my complexion or fix my bad skin days. For me it was an additional step that added some hydration but little else. I am someone that wears a moisturiser the majority of the time.  The Becca First Light Priming Filter did not convert me into a primer lover… but k0yy

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