Illuminating Fragrance: Vogue Smells Good and Does Good

Votivo Vogue Candle

I really enjoy scented candles.  The way the flames flicker, and the wax melts, and how the scent permeates a room in different ways creating different atmospheres.   I find it all very relaxing .  The exciting part about candles though is shopping for them.  It is something that you need to go to a shop to do (unless you are repeat purchasing) and you need to take your time over.   I like deciding whether to stick to citrus scents or to amp up my femininity with a soft white flower fragrance. Is it  oriental or chypre is tugging at my nasal hairs?   Is it a candle that I have bought before, or am I venturing into new territory?  Soy or beeswax? One, two or three wicks? Sixty, ninety or  one hundred and twenty hours burn time?  Is this a candle going to help me relax while painting my nails, or watching TV?   Is this a boudoir candle (yes there IS such a thing)?  Is this a someon- at-work-irritated-me-I-need-to-breathe-in-for-seven and-out-for-eleven candle? So, you are beginning to see how the process can take some time?

Box and tissue paper wrapped cande

So, on a trip to Libertys, at the end of last year, when I was  Christmas shopping for friends and family, I decided to do a bit of browsing for me.  I was drawn to the Votivo range mainly because I was not familiar with it.  The candle comes in a box.  I like candles in boxes because it is like opening a gift every time you use it.

Votivo have a range of fragrances, but I was drawn to the Vogue one because

a) it said Vogue on it (I know, I know!)

b) £5 from the  purchase goes to the  Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Interest peaked,  I delved a bit further.  I opened the box,  put my nose in the lid and inhaled… slowly.  I liked when I smelt so I picked one up and bought it.  Took it home unboxed  it, unwrapped it from the tissue paper and marvelled at the colour of the wax, which  is like the  toffee from a slice of banoffee pie. I then raised a slightly confused eyebrow at the seal on the lid, held in place using a coarse twine which is replicated around the candle.   It is an unusual addition which for me does not enhance the aesthetic of the candle and is very hard to remove.   The  wick is rectangular not cylindrical which makes is much much easier trim the wick (genius touch) .

The best way, in my opinion to smell the fragrance is not to smell the candle especially when it is a tester and has been out for weeks, but to smell the lid or the box or as Diptyque would advise remove the candle from the votive and smell the votive.  Sometimes retail assistants get a bit very alarmed when they see you trying to take a candle out of the votive so my advice is to smell the lid of the jar or the box.

The fragrance is complex and for me quite heady.  If I was the lady that used to present Molton Brown on QVC, I would take you on a journey though the zouks of Morrocco……but I am not…so I won’t!  I would say that if you enjoy oriental, amber and vanilla type  fragrances, you will enjoy this one. It is  grown up as opposed to girly, strong, but not overpowering.  The candle burns evenly and the fragrance lingers to the next day, which is great when you have had a hard day and work, and return home to a flat filled with fragrance.  Loverly.  My preference is for citrus scents…but this candle is one of four that I am currently burning on rotation.  I often burn this at the same time as a lemon  scented candle which I think works really well.. but sometimes on a warm evening, this fragrance is all you need.

The full range can be found at

Do you have a favourite Votivo candle? What is your favourite range of candles? Do you trim the wick regularly?


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