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Do you remember the first beauty product that you bought with your own money?  Thirty years ago I was doing round-off-back-flips, in my lunch break, Frere Jacques on my recorder after school and eating as many Funny Feet lollies (remember them?) as my  belly could hold at the weekend, …. all whilst wearing strawberry lip balm.  Truth be told, I can’t remember the brand that I used to buy and undoubtedly it was a mineral oil, product with a synthetic fragrance, but like I say it was thirty years ago and my  pocket money had to stretch to lip balm, penny sweets and Smash Hits magazine.

One day, during my strawberry lip balm phase, my Mum was complaining about having dry lips, so I offered her some lip balm.  It must have been the first time that I offered it to her as she gladly took some, put it on her lips… and subsequently made a face… and immediately removed with a tissue.  Apparently, my lip balm’s toxic synthetic strawberry scent caused the contents of her stomach to curdle!!  To this day, if I offer my Mum some lip balm she will ask me if it is fragranced.  As a result of this  incident I generally steer clear of fragranced lip balms… but occasionally, a good one crosses my path.

Lucy B’s Lemonade lip balm has very cute packaging.  The turquoise of the box is replicated on the lid of the jar.  I really like the fact that it is a glass jar.  It feels weighty in the hand and I will reuse it when the balm is finished..  The Lucy B logo on the lid is a transfer so that can be removed .

The scent is called Lemonade, but it does not smell like 7 Up or Sprite.  Nor does it smell like homemade lemonade.  To me, when you put our nose in the jar you definitely get a hit of Lemon Sherbets!!  Seriously!!  This is an organic balm which has Lemon Myrtle and Tangerine essential oils and a wide range of flower essences which not only smell good but do your lips good.  The balm is a lovely mixture of castor oil, shea butter, beeswax and avocado oil.  If it came in a bigger jar I could put this concoction on my hair!  Those are some lovely hair and skin nourising ingredients.  The texture of the balm is really smooth and it melts at body temperature.  It is not runny or extremely glossy and it works very well under and over lipsticks.

The fragrance is not overpowering under your nose and the balm has a faint lemon taste when you lick your lips…. but I am not encouraging you to eat it!  This is also a good lip balm to kiss people with – important to note since it is National Kissing Day today.  It’s not too sticky so children won’t spend ages wiping it off the side of their faces, and it is not too smell so your partner won’t wipe their mouth after they have kissed you!!!!


Who are you going to be kissing today?


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