Eye Spy: Monu Collagen Eye Cream

Monu Collagen Eye Cream

For the majority of the year, my eyes are not a problem area on my face.  I have uneven skin tone, occasional breakouts and a couple of stubborn  hairs growing out of my chin –  these are problems.  But my eyes, generally not.  I look for an eye product that ideally, I can use on my mobile lid, that wont leave me puffy and something that I can slot into any skincare regime that I may be using at the time. For me in my forties, eye products more then other other product I use, need to be active to help to minimise fine lines and crepiness.   During the ‘warmer’ months of the year I suffer from hayfever and my eyes take on a life of their own.  They are constantly watering, red,  puffy, itchy and the lids are really dry.

During hayfever season I am looking for a cream (less likely to go into my eyes then a serum)  that will moistuirise my eyes without irritating them.  Ingredients that I might be fine with from September to March, seem to irritate me during hayfever season so I look for a product that will maintain the good that I have put into  my eyecare regime for the rest of the year.

I have been using Monu Collagen Rich Eye Cream for about a month and my eyes, have been irrittated by pollen but not by this cream.  The cream comes in a thin tube.  The packaging is simple  and stylish.  My eyesight is not what it was so the use of  pale lilac writing on the white background of the cream does not make reading the information on the bottle easy, but the product came with a full booklet and there is lots of information on the website www.monushop.co.uk    Monu do not test on animals, their products dont contain artificial colours or synthetic perfumes and they are a British brand.   The eye cream contains Vitamins A and C but also has arnica evening primrose and most importantly collagen.

It comes in a pump dispenser, but it dispenses more then enough for six eyes let alone two.  Make sure that you dont use a full pump.  My tip is to use an elastic band around the pump so the amount that you dispense is decreased.  Try it – it works!  This cream is soothing.   I have been using it twice a day on eyes that have been really irritated and tired and not had any issues.  The because it is not liquidy like a serum it is easy to manipulate on the skin, it does not need alot of massaging into the skin and it does not run into your eyes.

This is good stuff – for hayfever sufferers and people who dont have major issues with their eyes – give it a go!


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