Illuminating Fragrance: Parks Soothing Orange, Cedarwood and Clove

Parks Orange Cedarwood and Clove Aromatherapy Candle

The first day that I lit this candle, I was feeling slightly dull headed. It was the Saturday.  The preceding Wednesday, I had raised two glasses to a family friend who had sadly passed away,  had a girlie cocktail night in the Langham on the Thursday and on the Friday had team dinner and red wine with my work colleagues.   In fairness, the Langham cocktails were the only ones that tipped me over the edge (left me a bit tipsy), but I have not had three nights of social drinking in a row since uni days and that was a long time ago! Saturday I had a lovely day of shopping with my sister,  but by 4pm, I was tired, my feet were hurting, and my head was exhibiting  the pre-cursor to a headache. I knew that once I got home, and into my pyjamas, I would need a home fragrance that would not make my head feel worse.

I burn lots of candles, but for me there is something quite decadent about a three wick candle. I only bring them out for special occasions, or when I am feeling delicate. It was also the fragrance of this candle that drew me. This Parks  candle  is an aromatherapy blend of orange, cedarwood and clove. Personally, I don’t smell the clove in the blend when I burn this candle. but it is a beautifully rounded citrus scent. The orange is not at all sharp. more like the blossom then the fruit, there is depth from the cedarwood. it is light and fresh.  There is a delicacy to the blend, but it permeates the room really really  quickly, and most importantly it is really soothing.

The candle is presented in a black box with white  writing. Very understated  chic. The fragrance is the box is an intense version of the lit candle and the hit from the orange is much more fruit than blossom. The wax is ivory in colour and the wax is very soft. If you put your finger into it, you will leave not only  a fingerprint but a dent in the wax.  The candle is heavy – there is nearly a kilo of wax, not to mention the clear glass holder. The three wicks are cylindrical, the burn is even, and there is no sootiness.

I then burnt the candle for 7 evenings in a row and have been burning it ever since. I can be fickle with candles, but this one I can’t resist. I thought that I would be able to burn it for a couple of nights, put it away and then bring it out again, but I really can’t.  I love this candle, and the fragrance and the fact that Parks is a British Brand.

Have you tried any Parks candles?


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