No Shares-ies: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I consider myself to be pretty generous with my beauty stash.  I am happy to let friends and family have a play with products…. usually.  Not with the Beauty Elixir. No shares-ies. Sorry, but it is mine, it is precious, delicious, effective and all mine.  No you cannot have any – better that you buy your own.

This may well be the most hyped product that I own, but it is also a product where, for me, it is appropriate to believe the hype. I was in John Lewis recently, and sprayed this product (generously… mine stayed in my bag!) and the lovely ladies from Estee Lauder came over from their area to get a whiff and have a chat about it. It has that effect on people. I have used this after a night of one too many cocktails and been instantly revived. I have sprayed myself (no shares-ies I said) in the car with a gaggle of children who were noisy and adrenaline pumped from a day at Chessington World of adventures. They fell asleep before we left the car park. When my boss is trampling on my last trembling nerve, a quick trip to the loo and spray of this helps me to get through the next few hours of madness in the office. But this is not just a beauty mist / spray.

It is beautifully presented -the glass bottle is weighty and solid – worthy of this great product. The smell is great. It’s minty but it is more than that, there is a spiciness and a depth that comes from the bitter orange, the rosemary and rose. But it is more than a great smelling spray. I have found it to be a great addition to my toner wardrobe. The mist is delivered in a fine spray. It does not sting on the skin and it is not drying. The effect is quite matifying I generally like to spray it onto cotton wool and wipe across the face but I have sprayed it directly onto my hands and applied it that way.

My favourite thing about this product is it’s ability to transform my slightly chaotic combination skin to normality and my mood from stressed, harassed, uncomfortable, heavy-headed and the like  to a far calmer place.    Amazing!


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