Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask

I got this in a sample size in the Selfridges Beauty Box and the timing could not have been better since I had just reinstated my weekly mask routine in preparation for the change in seasons.  I was very excited about the packaging of the beauty box, and the excitement remained when I opened up the Omorovicza box, because you are faced with a beautiful blue and purple with the odd bit of green swirly pattern.  It would make great nail art!  I love it when companies pay attention to the inside of packaging.  It is a small touch, but I really appreciate it and every time I open the box I smile.

The mask comes in a glass jar which I also really like.  I am an avid recycler  and not all plastics used by beauty companies can be recycled… but glass,  is very easy to recycle… if I chose to.  That said, I  am not going to recycle this one.  I am going to reuse it for depotting or decanting or something – I have not quite decided what yet!

The Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask is light grey and applies smoothly. I received enough for two  applications and I know that the full size like the smaller size I received comes in a jar.  I love jars, and this glass one is great… but… my preference would be that it came in a tube OR that a spatula was supplied.. I don’t like having to dip my fingers into the jar to get the product out.  I used a plastic knife, but a spatula…. ideally, with the  same swirly pattern as the inside of the box would have been good.

The mask has a slight fragrance, herbal/medicinal which is pleasant, but you really have to stick  your nose into the jar to get.  It does not smell  like it comes from the bowels of the earth as some clay masks do.  When I applied the  mask to my face, I did not get any scent at all.  There was no tingly sensation or irritation on the skin and it dries in about five minutes.  Unlike the clay masks of my youth, it does not dry so that it cracks when you move your face.  I felt some tightening, which I liked but it was not at all uncomfortable.  I removed the mask with a flannel – I found it easier then rinsing it off and it was easily removed.  Some clay masks, if  you get them on your eyebrows or hairline need to be scrubbed off – but not the case here.   My skin felt smoother  after application, but not dry or irritated and it did not feel uncomfortably tight afterwards, but it felt better after toner.

I had read that this mask was not to be used prior to a big event because it draws out spots. I used it as part of my current mask routine so it was followed by the Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask and then Sisley’s Express Flower Gel Mask. I found that my skin the following day was not spottier than usual. I had a couple of  tiny whiteheads at the corner of my nose on the day that I applied  the mask the first time and it  drew them out immediately,  but the week after application my skin pretty much behaved as usual.  Which is good, because it means there were no major nasties in my skin to draw out (Hurrah)  but is also bad, because  I wanted to see a bigger / clearer result on my skin.   I like this mask, but I was not wowed by it. It is better the meh, … but for me, it is not amazing.

Have you used the Omorovicza  Deep Cleansing Mask?   and if you have – did you love it?


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