A scent worthy of a candle:Monu Reviving Rosewood mist

I have already documented my love of Caudalie Beauty Elixir, but in the same way that I have a wardrobe of  moisturisers or serums, this product is part of my mist wardrobe.  Rosewood reviving mist is not a toner, it is a beauty mist and should be used to refresh make up not on cleansed skin.  It is a good product and sets powder well.  I have also used it as a MAC Fix Plus substitute for some glittery eyeshadows which have alot of fall out and it again it worked well.

The product is dispensed in a fine  mist from a gold trimmed  plastic bottle.  The smell of this product is beautiful.  It does not have the stimulating peppermint element of Caudalie.  There is a real lightness to this slightly woody floral fragrance which is balance by the Lemon and the Clary Sage. I really love the smell of this mist and if Monu were to recreate this fragrance in a candle, I would buy it by the bucketload.

For me this fragrance is quite intimate, once sprayed people in your company don’t know that you are wearing fragrance necessarily, just that you smell good.  The deodarising properties of the rosewood leave your scarves beautifully frangranced even when they are not being worn

I have used this product so much that the lettering has worn off the bottle and the product has discoloured slightly from where I have left it in direct sunlight but I continue to use it because it is soooo good.  I’m at the end of my first bottle and have already ordered the next one!


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