Super Smells from Super Facialist By Una Brennan

Una Brennan Super Facialist

There are two words that stood out for me when I look at the packaging for this product.  Neroli and Firming.   I love citrus fragrances so a burst of neroli in the morning is definitely something to look forward to.  It is also great to see a product that is focused at firming rather than defining itself as anti-ageing or anti wrinkle.  The packaging is very smart with a small white flower (which depicts the orange blossom [neroli]) and purple and black writing.

This is a daily use cleanser and I am finding that I am getting through it pretty quickly.  You need a pretty big glob of product.  The burst of neroli is amazing when the product is first in the hand.  It really is worth taking five seconds to inhale deeply before it is applied to the face.  It states that it can be used to melt off make up but cautions that it should not be used on the eyes.  I use a make up remover prior to cleansing but I find the ‘removes make up …  but not for eyes’ thing a bit irritating.

This cleanser is a slightly opaque gel and the fragrance dissipates quicker then I would like.  The texture is lovely for massaging into the skin but there does come a point of no more slip. It is very cool when applied to the skin but warms up quite quickly.  It is packed with great ingredients – including hyaluronic acid and is gentle – and my skin is not left feeling tight, after use but for me I have not seen a firming effect on my skin.  I am enjoying using it, but I want to see a greater effect on my skin and it is a really shame that the amazing fragrance does not last longer.


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