Aesop Parsely Seed Antioxidant Serum

I am a huge fan of face serums, and a fan of Aesop as a range so I had high hopes for this product especially as it was part of the Selfridges Beauty Box.   Generally I take time to look at ingredients before getting into a product but as I said it is a range that I trust so I just jumped in.  In fact, I used it for a week before looking in detail as to what the ingredients were.  Every time I used the product,  my observation was always the same, when you warmed it into the hand it felt like I had put water onto my hand before applying it.  So as the week progressed, I became a bit obsessive about making sure that my hands were completely dry… yet the wet sensation remained.

So I had a look at the ingredients and worked out that the high water / aloe vera content was the reason for this. The truth is, I found this sensation quite difficult to get used to.  For me it was not a cooling sensation, it was a wet sensation and by the time I get to the serum stage in my cleansing routine, I don’t want the wet sensation on my skin.

I enjoyed the lavender fragrance on the skin, and the blend was absorbed by my skin quite quickly, and because of the aloe vera there was a slight tackiness to the skin after application.  This did not have a negative impact on any moisturisers that was applied afterwards through.

I  found that my skin was not improved after using it for a month, that said, it did not make my skin worse either, which is always good when trialing a skincare product, especially during September and October when the temperature changes.    I think that this may have been more effective on my skin during the summer months –  I may even have appreciated the wet sensation at that time. For me during the winter months,  I need a more nourishing serum so I have been using it on my neck and decollette in readiness party season. My skin in these areas is drier than on my face and has responded well to this extra addition to my skincare routine.

Have you tried anything from  Aesop’s Parsley Range?  How did you get on with it?


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