Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue

I always thought that I had no major issues with my eyes, until  I had my make up done in a department store and the artist commented, more than once, on the difference putting concealer under my eyes had made to my look.  Now then, I am not lacking in confidence and I understand that she was there to sell me product.. but still, it got me thinking.


So since then, I have been monitoring my eyes more closely.  And while there is definitely pigmentation round my eyes, that was not there a year ago. It  did not warrant the attention that she paid to it…. and no I did not buy the concealer from her, but, I now give products which claim to combat dark circles around the eye a second look.

A few weeks back, I was in Boots,  with my relatively new Advantage card in hand… when I saw that there was a three for two promotion.  I decided to pick up the Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue from Indeed Laboratories, who have been praised for Hydraluron and their straightforward approach to marketing their products.  Indeed Laboratories state that the ten peptides in the Eyesilix will deal with my dark circles (as well as instantly lifting, reducing puffiness, and targeting fine lines and wrinkles) so I decided to give it a go.


The box is  grey and white but it about 5 times the size of the product.  There is information about Indeed Labs and Eyesilix on the box in French and English, which is fine but it (the box)  is huge compared to the size of the product.  I really think that a smaller box and a leaflet would have sufficed.  It is also not the easiest box to get into –  only one side opens, but fortunately the product is worth wrestling with the box for.

I love the delivery system.  It has a long nozzle with small opening which gives a precise amount of product on the finger (or back of the hand – wherever you place the prodcut) which is brilliant.  Often with eye creams you get too much, this tube allows you to squeeze out very small amounts.  The tube is plastic not metal so as you go through the tube it bounces back.  This is a tube that you will be able to squeeze within an inch of it’s life and then cut open to get every last morsel out.


The eye cream is a light, no fragrance and slightly off white in colour.  It absorbs quickly, and you don’t need to use a lot of pressure, that said, it does not ‘melt’ on the skin, it does need to be warmed up a bit. You will find that if you use too much, it will ‘roll’ .  This is a product that should be used around the orbital bone only, if you have crepey eyelids, you will want to find a product that can be used in conjunction with this one.

Under the eyebrow, I don’t have any pigmentation and the skin is not wrinkled or saggy, so to be honest I have not seen any effect there.  That said, ten peptides can only be a positive thing so I am continuing to use it in the area as a preventative.  Under the eye, I have seen a change in the level of pigmentation.  It is not a miracle product so it will not get rid of pigmentation completely in a few days, but over the course of the month that I have been using it, I have found that the pigmentation is noticeably (to me) lighter.   The pigmentation is not as far down my face as it was previously.  I say far down my face – it was not really far down my face… but you know the edge of the pigmentation has faded.  Anyway, there was a period of about a week, where I did not use the product… because I was poorly/then I forgot/then I was lazy (managed to make my make up off and cleanse though!!)/then I was staying at a mates place and did not have it with me… so when at the end of that week, I got back on track.   I like this product alot –   I can’t use it on my slightly crepey lids but it really has helped the dark circles under my eyes.

Have you tried Eysilix?  Should I invest in other products from Indeed Laboratories?


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