Antipodes Divine Face Oil

I received this as part of  Selfridges Beauty  Box and I have been using it for over two months.  I am a fan of pipettes so I was happy to see that this is the disposal method.  The black rubber is soft and very squidgy which is great if your hands are slightly damp.  On removing the lid from the bottle you are exposed to the gorgeous green organic oil (it looks yellow in the picture – apologies!) that is made up of Avocado, Macademia Nut, Jojoba and Rosehip oils.  Avocado oil is rich in omega three and nine as well as vitamins, chloropll and collagen boosting properties and is the main constituent in this oil.


Ylang Ylang sandalwood and jasmine are the essential oils in this. The strength of the ylang ylang is such that I don’t get any sandalwood or jasmine in the blend and after about five minutes on the skin the fragrance dissipates.  The pipette dispenses quite a large drop.  Two drops is more than enough for the face and neck.  The instructions on the bottle do not state how much should be used, but the size of the pipette and volume in the bottle give the impression that a sizable amount can be applied.  You receive thirty millilitres of product in the bottle which has a shelf life of six months or approximately one hundred and eighty days which is just over a tenth of a ml per day…. ie not very much.  Despite my plate sized face and chubby cheeks, this is more than I can get through in six months!  Even if I used it twice a day, which I don’t, as I have a different evening regime, and despite being naturally heavy-handed with product.

I have been using this product in several ways.  Just before Christmas I had GP certified  flu and was very dehydrated.  I used this oil two to three times a day under and over my moisturiser, paying special attention to the sore skin on my nose and my dry cheeks.  I also apply quite a think layer before taking long hot baths and find that the majority of it is moisturised by the time I get out of the bath.  I am currently using it under my  moisturiser on my face, taking it down my  neck and bust as well.

I have not found that it reduces the appearance of scars from spots on my skin  but it definitely leaves the skin nourished and moisturised and I am really enjoyed using it.  The six month once opened timescale is an instruction that I am going to ignore.  I cannot get through 30 mls in 6 months and as I like it so much I am not going to use it just for the sake of it.  When the fragrance changes, I will stop, but until that time, I am starting my mornings with Antipodes Divine Face Oil.

Have you used this product?  Did you manage to get through the whole bottle in six months?


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