Combating Winter Dry Skin: Beauty Works West Hair and Body Oil

I received this body oil as part of the High 50 Anti Ageing Debate Goody bag.  It it a pale gold colour in a slim glass bottle with a silver lid.  Slightly reminiscent of a Jo Malone bottle, it is very aesthetically pleasing.

On the Beauty Works West website the full ingredients list is not provided, so although I know that the oil contains eight precious oil, of which three are  Argan, Sweet Almond, Apricot.  There is also a picture of a coconut next to the bottle on the so  I am assuming that there is coconut oil in the blend.


Beauty Works West state that it will leave your skin soft and deliciously scented… which it did… temporarily (about thirty minutes) I love the smell of this oil … although I do not know what is in the blend, there is a citrus not, I’m not quite sure what individual components of  the fragrance are, but I do love the smell and I would be prepared to bet that there is a citrus element in it.

This is a very light oil, so it does not require much massage to work it into the skin.  it absorbs quite easily and leaves the skin both smooth and soft.  It does not leave a sheen on the skin so after approximately four hours my skin looked like it would benefit from another application, and it was absorbed as quickly the second time as it was the first.  However, when left overnight, I found that although my skin looked dry it still felt soft to the touch.

Overall,  I have mixed feelings about this product.   I know that the ingredients in the product are likely to be good for my skin as this range of products is parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances, sulphates, glycols and aluminium free, but I still like to be able to find out the ingredients of products that I am using.  The lack of details about the ingredients of the oil is, to be honest,  irritating. Along with the fact that I needed to reapply the product after four hours is very disapointing. Despite those things, I like the smell of this product and I really enjoyed using it.


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