MAC Pro Colour 15 Eyeshadow Palette: January Edit



Like many women, whenever I buy an eye-shadow palette there is usually one or two colours that I don’t like/don’t wear/ break/use way before the rest of the palette.  About 2 years ago I bought the MAC Pro Colour Palette and put it at the back of my beauty cupboard… and did nothing with it.

1-043Over the Christmas holidays  I was having a rummage through and found it again and decided to make 2013 the year that I fill the palette.  I have spent some time thinking about what I really really want from an eye-shadow palette and I will be doing a monthly post on the colour(s) that I  purchase and why.  The palete has space for 15 shadows and there are twelve months in the year so I will be purchasing two colours in January,  September, (my birthday month) and in December (Christmas present to myself).

So, to start the palette, I am begining with Carbon.


I love matt black eyeshadows.  Dont get me wrong – I love glittery and sparkly black, but I can create that look but gentley passing a flufully brush dipped in glimmery white shade but I also have those colours in other palettes.  Matt Blacks  tend to be the colour that I hit the pan of in a palette.  Great for defining and intensifying eye shadow looks or a 60’s inspired /rock chick heavy on the black shadow /liner looks.


This is a true black, not a grey black.


Atlantic blue.


When I was thinking about colours to populate  this palette, my plan was not to buy this colour first, but when I got to the MAC shop and was looking at the colours displayed, this one just jumped out at me. Yes, my eye was drawn to this more then to the gorgeous purples.  I love colour.  MAC describe it as bright violet blue.  I describe it as luscious.


So, two down, thirteen to go.   If you have any suggestions of  colours that you think I should have in my palette – please leave me a comment!


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