How 17’s Potion rescued me from the wrath of the Beauty Universe

17 Potion

Sometimes the Beauty Universe is not on your side.  Sometimes the beauty idea that you felt was a good idea, is proven not to be and  that thing that  you wanted to do just does not happen.  As my grandmother used to  say…’ not everything is for everybody’.

At the end of last year, I decided to move away from the ‘squoval’ nail shape that I had been sporting for over a decade and move to the oval nail shape. I did not think it was a big step or that it would offend the deities in the Beauty Universe.  I was not seeking to recreate the stiletto nail shape that trendsetters are sporting.  I was not seeking to achieve great lengths, just to lose the ‘squ’ from the ‘squoval’ shape.

I was wrong.

Having managed to get all my nails to  more or less the same length, and gently with a Leighton Denny Crystal nail file start to create an oval shape…. over the past three weeks, each and every nail has broken in the most unceremonious way.  The Beauty Universe let me have the full force of its wrath.  It has let me know in no uncertain terms that it is not happy with my decision and i have had  to cut my nails and return to filing them in the squoval shape.


As my nail shapes are not quite even in their squovalness, and my nail lengths  slightly differ too, I have had to choose my nail colour with care.  Potion by Number 17 has come to my rescue.  It is a mesmerising iridescent gold/green colour that occasionally flashes blue.  It is  very very similar to  Jessica’s Irridescent Eye, which is a dupe for Chanel’s Peridot.  Iridescent Eye was sold out in my local stockist which was why I plumped for Potion and on balance, I am not sorry that I did.  For me, the formula of the Potion is not as long lasting as Jessica polishes that I own and the brush is not the best for thin applications but the colour is so amazing that I forgive all those things.  I was sporting Potion before Christmas in two layers for intensity during the party season, but since the Beauty Universe has relegated me to nail stubbiness for the next few weeks I have been wearing one coat under Seche Vite.  I have been reapplying twice a week to deal with the chipping but the colour is so beautiful that you don’t notice my unequal squovals … unless you look really closely.

Have you changed the shape of your nails recently?  Did you have more success than me?


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