Talon Tales: OPI Blue My Mind

OPI Blue My Mind

This week, I have been wearing OPI Blue My Mind… a few days ago my boss asked me if I had bought this nail colour to match my vehicle.  As I was in the middle of writing a report to a very short deadline, this comment made me stop … and think:-

a) I did not know that my boss was familiar with my car

b) I did not know that my boss paid so much attention to my nail colour, and

c) Am I the only person who matches their nail varnish to their vehicle?


OPI’s Blue My Mind is a gorgeous electric blue… that as pointed out by my boss happens to be exactly the same colour as my car. I did not consciously make the purchase, in fact there is a possibility that the nail lacquer came before the car…regardless, I go back to the colour regularly…   The high shine of this lacquer reflects the high shine of my car (after it has been washed) but am I really that woman… the woman that matches  her nail colour to her car?



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