Transforming fighting Alien Tribes into sisters:MAC Stud

MAC Stud

My eyebrows, without any attention look like fighting alien tribes.  One eyebrow has developed Dennis Healy type long hairs, and grows naturally in a straight line.  The other is naturally more arched and a bit tadpole like.  They look like they are fighting.  I am grateful that I don’t have to deal with a mono brow but every time I get my eyebrows threaded, every time, the therapist looks in my eyes and tells me

‘your eyebrows are very different’


Ummmm yes I know.  Even after the threading has taken place, my eyebrows look like distant cousin  rather than the sisters that they should be.  To transform them into brows to be proud of, I use MAC Stud.


The Stud pencil is very thin, thinner then a lip pencil and as a result I hold it much more delicately then I would a thicker pencil. It is very pigmented so a light touch deposits plenty of colour onto the skin.  The stronger the pressure, the stronger the colour.    Interestingly this colour is brown not black.  Many people who appear to have black eyebrows in fact have dark brown one.  I consider myself to have black eyebrows but find this to be a perfect colour match.  As I get older, I realise that my face really cannot take super dark eyebrows as it does make me look like one of the Marxs brothers.


I am not an artist, I can’t draw a tree or a face, or a still  life, but even I can draw in eyebrows where there are sparse, because of the thinness of the nib and the amount of pigmentation in this product.  The other great thing about Stud is that if you can’t get to your threading appointment and your eyebrows are unruly, it makes it easy to even out fighting alien tribe eyebrows.  I can straighten out the arch, bringing it in line with the other eyebrow.  I can also lengthen my brows without looking like I have painted my skin.  The waxy texture applies to the skin easily and stays on the skin and the thin nib which keeps its edge makes it easy to create brow hairs.  It can be used with without eyebrow gel and as it is retractable, there is no need for a sharpener.

So if you want to call a truce between your eyebrows, MAC Stud might be a good place for you to start!


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