On the Spot: Aveda Outer Peace Blemish Spot Relief

Aveda Outer Peace

Spots seem to be a more regular occurrence in my forties then they were in  my thirties.  From my teen years, I have always had the occasional spot.  However, these  cystic ones that have decided to rear their pesky heads over the past year  are something else.

1-015  I know that skin health is very much about inner health and diet, and granted eating three slices of cake (no it was not my birthday and yes, that was a one-off… kind of!) in one day last week did not help me any, but I have always been a sugar addict.  Believe it or not my sugar addiction is not as bad as it was.  Anyway, my search for a topical treatment for the pesky blighters on my face continues.  Currently I am using Aveda’s Outer Peace, but to be honest, it is not really giving me peace.


As I write this I have three spots near my chin. One is cystic.  It hurts. Alot.  It is not super huge but it is definitely making its presence felt. I also have two whiteheads which have decided to pop up to keep the cystic spot company.  Maybe they are cousins to the cystic spot.  Maybe the cystic spot sent them an email to let them know that my face was a good place to hang out.  Who knows    I have been using the Aveda on the cystic spot, morning and evening for the past five days. No change. It is still cystic.  It still hurts. The whiteheads have been treated for the past two  days. They are drying up… nicely, but quite slowly.


I have been using this product for about six weeks, so I have used in on occasional spots prior to the cystic invader that I currently have. The Tamanu  Amia, Saw palmetto and Boswellia plant extracts in this product are known for their anti inflammatory activity. I have found that they have worked very slowly on my skin.  This might have been acceptable if the scar left by the spot was less than with a more aggressive treatment but this has not been the case either.

The white lotion is absorbed quickly by the skin and dispensed easily from the tube but I am not really enjoying using this product. I know, I know, it is a spot cream so it is never going to be the most luxurious or enjoyable product in the bathroom…  but a good spot cream is enjoyable to use when you know it is going to get rid of the pesky blimin’ spots in double-quick time.  Unfortunately, Outer Peace isn’t working that quickly for me.

Have you used this product?  How did you get on with it?


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