Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner Pen

I love eyeliner.  There are people that use eyeliner with out mascara, but I love mascara too much to do that – but eyeliner is a really important part of my make up routine.

I love a pencil eyeliner on my waterline, because liquid eyeliner on the waterline makes my eyes water… BUT… if you are not planning to create a smoky look by smudging your eyeliner on the lid and are looking for precision, nothing beats liquid.  For the record I love gel eyeliner,  but it is liquid,  that puts a smile on my face.


Eyeko’s Liquid Eyeliner pen is a good one.  The nib is long, and this means that when you run it along the lid,which means that you can hold it almost parallel to the lid to create a line if your hand is not steady or you are new to eyeliner application.   The end of the nib is truly thin and does not become thick with repeated use, which means that you can really get into the corner of the eye and you can get really really close to the lashline.


The colour of the ink is black, it is not the intensest black, but there is definitely no brown or red in the pigment.    The body of the eyeliner pen is not too fat either.  I am not a fan of chunky pens with a short nib as you end up with your hand on your face to manipulate the eyeliner.  It means that if you have used complexion products before you do your eyes, you are resting your hand on your recently made up face.  With Eyeko I can draw a line close to the lashline without touching my face.

It is long-lasting  and  works well over cream and shimmer / glitter shadows.  Sometimes eyeliner pens do not provide an even application over glitter shadows and pigments.  If you have an amazing eyeshadow colour you show it off whilst still defining the eye.  When I do a feline flick it does smudge a bit, especially in the bracing cold weather that we have been experiencing recently.  As the nib is so thin, if you are doing a thicker flick or more graphic eyeliner it can take a while to fill in the shape that you have created so I tend to use an angled brush with eyeshadow for those looks.

It wont stop me using black eyeshadow and an angled brush, but it is definite find.

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