Perricone Advanced Face Firming Activator

This is one of my favourite serums…. which was a surprise to me because it is not oil based!!  The more I dip into Dr Perricone’s range, the more I like it.


I first started using Perricone products at the beginning of 2012 in preparation for my fortieth birthday.  I remember what a difference it made to my skin and I have had something Perricone in my bathroom ever since. I have a chubby face and I know that sagging rather than wrinkling is going to be part of my ageing process so I was keen to see what it could do.  It had a visible firming effect – my cheekbones were more sculpted.  The serum has a light texture, and is quickly absorbed into the skin.  I use two pumps from the base of my neck, and all over my face.  It has a gently sweet fragrance and is cool when applied to the skin. Full of skin firming ingredients including DMAE  Alpha Lipoic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate. After application my skin is smooth and matt but moisturised. I find that my t zone is not as oily after use and that moisturiser going on very smoothly afterwards Perricone or any other.  It is an easy product to use not special application technique you just put it on and go.  Love it!


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