Decleor Youth Cleansing Milk and Youth Lotion.

Decleor Youth Cleansing Milk and Youth Lotion

I am a big fan of Decleor.  It is the first salon skincare range that I ever used and generally I always have a couple of their products in my beauty cupboard.  I know from personal experience the importance of cleansing – especially as I tend to wear a full face of make up at least five days a week.  I love cleansing balms but I also enjoy a good cleansing cream.


Decleor’s latest release into the Excellence range is the Youth Cleansing Milk and Youth Lotion.  This cleanser and toner pair share the gold lid of the rest of the excellence range which is for ‘advanced signs of ageing’.  I like to use this range at least once a year to boost my skincare.  I find that they are potent without being super active so I don’t get breakouts with this range.



The Youth Cleansing Milk is thicker then their regular cleansing milk.  The texture is very reminiscent of their cleansing cream. I prefer a cream to a milk texture for cleansing.  The magnolia essential oil in the cream  is very fragrant without being overwhelming as well as being high in anti oxidants.  There is also hyaluronic acid which hydrates, and sweet almond oil which nourishes.  One of the things that I love about Decleor is that they appreciate the importance of hydration is skincare for mature skins.  Many ranges which claim anti ageing benefits forget that hydrated skin is as it important as tightening and firming ingredients.  The instructions state to apply with a damp cotton wool pad.  I put some into the palm of my hand and do a bit of facial massage with the product.  I prefer tto use in the evenings after my make up has been removed with a cleansing water, but I have used it to remove stick foundation and a black eyeliner heavy smoky eye and it worked well.   I then use a damp flannel to remove it and then move onto the Youth Lotion.


The Youth Lotion is  used at the toner stage of your cleansing routine, however, it is not a toner as you would know it.  It does not have the appearance of a water.  It is an opaque white liquid,   imagine a very very thin milk .  Like the cleanser, it has the magnolia oil and hyaluronic acid, but it also contains rose milk which assists with cell renewal.    I apply with a damp cotton pad as per the instructions. It feels more like a serum then a conventional toner and I really really love it.  It is now in my top three toners, because it is so moisturising.  I have used it with other cleansers and seen the difference that this hard working product has made.  The skin is very hydrated after use but it is very very light.


Both of these products are intended for advanced signs of ageing, but for me prevention is better than cure and the ingredients are   Because the packaging of both products is exactly the same and my eyesight it starting to fail (!)  I often picked up the Cleansing Milk, when I meant to pick up the Youth Lotion. I love the texture of both these products.  I have been using them in conjunction with Aromessence  Excellence and my skin has been loving it, remaining hydrated despite the extended cold snap that we are experiencing


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