Perricone Super Hyper Hydrator (Discontinued(

Perricone Hyper Hydrator

Part of the Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone range.  This is the moisturiser that I been using for most of this year and I love it.  I literally finished my Dr Perricone Face Finishing Moisturiser in the evening and started with the Hyper Hydrator the following morning.


As someone who likes to change their routine regularly, I appreciate a 30 ml moisturiser because it gives you long enough to get to know your skin with the moisturiser but not so long that you get bored with the product.

The packaging of the Super range is quite different from the apothecary dark glass of the Dr Perricone range which has a more cosmeceutical feel, but you still get the lovely large spatula.  Other brands please take note – if a spatula is provided with a product it needs to be big enough to hold between three fingers without making you feel like you are using a spatula from a toddler’s play kit.  In this case it is a heavy slightly frosted glass.


Have you ever smelt rancid coconut?  It does not smell very nice, and sometimes coconut based products have that slightly rancid element.  Fortunately, this product has the most gentle, authentic coconut smell.  It does not have the sweetness of the coconut in a Bounty chocolate bar and it is not quite as aromatic as a fresh green straight off the tree coconut.  It smells like a really really good quality coconut ice cream and after 3 months of use the smell has not changed.

I used the Hyper Hydrator over Dr Perricone Face Firming serum, over Decleor aromessences and by itself.  This cream is a cream rather than a lotion and is pure white in colour.  The Super range has been described as a diffusion range, but for me, that gives the impression that it is lesser than the Dr Perricone range.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the ‘anti-ageing’ moniker, that we forget how crucial hydration is to good skin, regardless of age.  Sometimes very active skincare makes be break out and I need a more straightforward option.

This product is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes and Phthalates . The coconut water is described at MCT – medium chain triglycerides. For this skin, this means that is it moisturising and nourishing with a high level of anti-oxidants. Despite the snow, cold winds and rain that we are experiencing, my skin has not been taut or dry, it has remained hydrated and I have enjoyed using it. I have use it on full make up days and no make up days and when I was feeling lazy as a night cream. This moisturiser is readily absorbed and because of the matt effect, it is easy to apply liquid and stick foundation afterwards. If you are looking for a great hydrating moisturiser or don’t want a product with lots of active ingredients, this is great option





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