Illuminating Fragrance: Diptyque Mimosa

Diptyque Mimosa

For the second day in a row the sun has made and appearance. That is not to suggest that it is officially Spring, but the bitter winds appear to have subsided. To herald this change and help me get through some spring cleaning, this weekend, I have enveloped my home in the Diptyque Mimosa fragrance.



Mimosa is a delicate flower, often associated with sensitivity and the fragrance of this candle is a very delicate slightly sweet white floral. It is testament to the quality of a Diptyque candle that the balance between sweet and floral is maintained as the fragrance permeates the room.  It is a delicate fragrance, but not weak.  It leaves its mark in the room.  I am sure that this candle would blend well with other white florals, but I have not wanted to overpower it with another fragrance.


This candle was part of the Liberty’s Ultimate Beauty Gift and whilst Mimosa would not be my first choice from this range, I have appreciated the smaller size. Maybe by the time the burned the wick down to the glass, Spring will have officially come forward.


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