Batting my lashes: Chanel Inimitable Intense (10) Noir

My go to mascara and is Lancome, but when it came time for me to buy a new mascara I thought I would try something new…


…and the Chanel counter was right around the corner from Lancome.

Chanel’s packaging for this product is epitome of sleek simplicity.  Understated elegance.  The rectangular packaging makes a change from the rounded shapes we often see in mascara.


Monochromatic black and silver gives it the purse factor.  I asked the sales assistant for a ‘false lash’ effect mascara and she advised that the Inimitable Intense would provide that effect.  This mascara stays on all day, does not crumble or fade by the end of the day but is also easy to remove.  A micllar water will take off the mascara leaving your lashes defined on the cotton wool.  Some cleansing creams will work better than others on it but a cleansing water is my preferred way to remove make up.


The wand of this product is not what I was expecting.  The plastic wand has bristles that are quite far apart.  As a result, you can get right to the base of the lashes with it, without it going over your expertly applied and blended eyeshadow.  The formula of the product is true black, not brown or grey and the mascara does not clump on the wand and therefore does not clump on the lashes.


This is Chanel’s false lash effect mascara and it works a treat.  Elongates the lashes without making them spindly.  Provides volume without making the lashes heavy.  Lashes are not brittle to the touch once the mascara has been applied and even though they touch the lenses of my specs they don’t make that irritating tapping sound.  The formula does not crush or break or peel after a few hours on the lashes.  It is also easy to build up.  I recently did my version of a rock chick smoky eye with MAC Plummage, loads of black eyeliner and four, yes four coats of mascara.  Kate moss would have been impressed.


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