Sixty Seconds with… Eve Lom Moisturising mask

I had three sachets of this mask so was able to use make it a regular part of my weekly mask session.  It has a gel texture which glides onto the skin.  It does not dry completely on the skin, it stays tacky on the skin and therefore is not taut on the skin.  The instructions state to leave it on for fifteen minutes and then to wipe off the excess.  I did this on the first occasion and on the second I left it on overnight and on the third occasion I used it over a moisturiser as an intensive treatment. I found that it was absorbed quickist on my forehead




The following day my skin was hydrated, but no more so then with a good moisturiser. the ingredients are interesting, the silicone on the product gives it lots of slip, the Sodium Hyaluronate  and Vitamin E  are welcome additions.  This would be a good option for flights and long road trips if layered over your moisturiser as it is clear on the skin and it does not roll when used over other products.


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