Inglot Translucent Loose Powder (214)

Inglot Translucent Loose Powder (214)

It was at my Nars make up lesson where I learnt that your setting / finishing powder should be the colour that you are and it is very refreshing to see Inglot share this philosophy.  When you have spent minutes blending and buffing, it defies the purpose to cover your work in a snow white powder… no matter how fine it is.  No matter how much the sales assistants tell you that it is ‘translucent’ and won’t show up on brown skin… trust me – it will.


I had not really spent alot of time in the Inglot Store previously, but it is a blast of colour when you enter it AND it has complexion products for ALL skintones.  Inglot’s Translucent Loose Powder comes in nine shades!  NINE.  I’m impressed.  The colours range from porcelain to ebony.  I’m double impressed.  Other brands need to take note.  It was lovely so see groups of teenage girls with a diverse range of skin tones, able to get excited about complexion products together.


I bought the darkest colour – 214 (strangely 215 is a lighter shade).  The texture of this is sooo smooth, it goes on really easily.  There were no instructions with this product so I just used it like I would Bare Minerals – ie swirl tap buff.  the smallest amount is all that is needed.  I found that colour was a tad too dark for me over my Nars sheer glow but it was great over my Black Opal stick foundation.  It did not keep me matte for the whole day, but I would not expect it to.  A touch up at lunch time and at the end of the day was fine.  Black Opal transfers much more than Nars Sheer Glow and this powder did help to reduce my brown fingerprints on the paper work in the office.


This is not a product for travelling with, as it goes everywhere unless you are careful with it.  Once the plastic has been removed from the shaker, product ends up in the lid.  It is definitely one for the dressing table.  It did not come with a brush, so I actually dug out an old Bare Minerals synthetic brush to use with it.  It did come with a puff but I did not use that. The packaging is secure, which it needs to be as the product is a loose powder.  This is a great option if you are looking for a translucent powder that matches your skintone.


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