If you dont ask, you dont get… aka Ginger and Begamot Body Wash v2

Tou Lou Organics Body Wash

A couple of weeks ago I posted my review of Tou Lou Organics Ginger and Bergamot body wash.  I said in the post and on twitter that I loved the formulation but that I would have loved it to have had a  ‘more gingery’ fragrance.

I have had the pleasure of meeting the brand’s  founder Andrea and I know how important customer feedback is to her.  I also know that she is a top notch aromatherapist so it anyone could give me a sufficiently gingery body wash, it is Andrea.


So, imagine my glee when I came home from work  yesterday to find that I got what I asked for.  Ginger and Bergamot body wash V2.  V2 is RIGHT UP MY STREET!   For many people when they think of ginger scented, body products they think of the Origins range.  I like this fragrance, but if that fragrance is ginger ale, (fragrant, light intense fruity), my Ginger and Bergamot Body Wash V2 (well, it was made for me!!), is like home made ginger tea where the ginger  root has been steeped for thirty six hours.  It is powerful, intense, deep and strong.  What can I say – I love it.  I have not shared with the mister, cos, well – this is definitely a no shares-ies product. My lovely gingery shower set me up very nicely for a day at the Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show.

Ginormous thanks  and big hugs to Andrea at TouLou Organics for indulging me.  It was very a bit cheeky of me to ask but I really appreciate you coming back to me with a fantastic suped up fragrance, and so quickly.  I am really impressed, and very very happy.  Thank you.



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