Nip + Fab: Glycolic Fix

Last month I finished my first bottle of P50 lotion.  It was an interesting experience,I  really liked it, but it had an ouch factor and at £50 a bottle, even though I did not use it every day I was keen to see whether there was an equally effective alternative.  So when I saw Nip + Fab’s Glycolic Fix,  I was curious.  I have seen lots of positive reviews about glycolic pads so I thought I would give these a try.

Nip Fab 1

The first thing that I notced was the size of the pads.  They are small.  Smaller then the cotton wool pads that I usually use, and thin – an impregnated gauze.

Nip Fab

The pads are easy to use, but to be honest,  applying a lotion to cotton wool is not difficult.  Each pad is sufficiently saturated to apply  the pad had different textures so I was not sure if I was supposed to use one side and not the other – and there were no instructions around that .

Nip Fab 2

There was absolutely no ouch factor.  It might be because I was accustomed to the ouch of P50 or just because this is a glycolic product rather then P50 which is a cocktail of acids.  I made the mister try them and he said that it tingled slightly… but he did not experience P50.

The instructions state to use this product over the face, neck and decollete, so there is no way that just one pad will do.  If I had used it morning and evening I would have been using at least six pads per day which means that the tub would have lasted just ten days.  I was happy to just use it in the mornings, which meant that it lasted twenty  days.   Less than three weeks.  I also found that even though my diet had not changed, I did get an under the surface spot, which was there for  six days.  Without this product, there is no doubt it would have turned into a cystic spot.  The fact that it stayed under the skin was good, but I also found that it left a scar which was not good as this product does not assist with scarring at all.

I like the smell, it is like a slightly floral witch hazel which I am assuming comes from the blue daisy which are listed in the ingredients.  Hyaluronic is also listed – after wiping the wipes across the face I found that my skin was neither taught or dry

If you have great skin with no major issues, or you are looking to introduce glycolic into your skincare regime, these pads would be a good option for you.  However, if you have an issue or are looking for a hard working product to deal with specific areas eg scarring, this is not the product for you.



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