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This is a much hyped product so I started my trial with trepidation.  Hyaluronic Acid, promotes collagen production and hydration in the skin.    Hyaluronic acid is found in a range of skincare and colour cosmetics but Hydraluron is the first serum to have such a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid in a mass market product- hence the hype.  I have been using it for about three months so I have had a real opportunity to get to grips with it.  When I first tried it, I did not like it.  The serum did not have the texture that I expected.  It is a clear gel which dries to a matt finish on the skin.  There is not alot of massage time and although the finish is matt and not drying, my perception was that a hydrating serum would leave my skin demi matte at least.  In addition when I first applied it to the skin, there was no immediate effect as some had claimed.  It was not there twenty-four hours later either… and I was really looking.

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So, for the first three days  was  not impressed at all.  I did not feel like it was doing anything… but day four, I don’t know what happened but my skin changed.  I just saw and felt the difference. I have chubby cheeks but they were plumper.  The fine criss cross hatch lines on my forehead reduced significantly. My skin felt better and looked better.  I did not glow, I was not luminescent, or  younger but my skin looked hydrated, despite the cold , wind and rain that we experienced earlier this year.  My skin looked good – like I was consistently getting eight hours of good restful sleep every night –  despite my spots an  scarring, with and without make up Hydraluron has the added benefit of being  like a primer for me… even though I put moisturiser over the top of it the matt finish is a brilliant base for me whether I am using stick, liquid or powder foundation.


This is not a product to luxuriate with in your routine, there is not a lot of massage time.  The application technique is very very simple.  Slap it on the face, make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies on the face and then put your moisturiser on.  I have asked Indeed Labs a few times if Hydraluron is safe to use on the mobile lid… but have not had a response.   The packaging is very understated as with all Indeed Lab products.  For me, it is not sophisticated understatement, it is utilitarian, which reflects the fact that this product becomes and essential in your routine, like toothpaste.   The hot pink from the box is carried through to the tube in a couple of places, the lid is sturdy and the tube can be stood on its lid which is fabulous.

Because I have been using it for many months, I have had an opportunity to see the effect n my skin when I stop using it.  I do notice a different – not overnight, but around my eye and forehead the lines that indicate dehydration return within a week.  I have started experimenting a bit with this product – I am currently using it over Decleor’s aromessence Excellence.  Hydraluron is great for hydration but does not deal with firmness, scarring and pigmentation, which are issues that I am looking to address.  I am enjoying the combination – it does not make me any more or less shiny during the course of the day.  Hydraluron is really good stuff.  It fits into any existing skincare routine and is the kind of product that make you wonder what you did without it.


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