Pucker Up: Illamasqua Disciple

Illamasqua Disciple

I am going to IMATS for the first time tomorrow and in honour of this I am reviewing my most avant-garde make up purchase to date.

Illamasqua Disciple 1

Blue Lipstick.  Yes, I know I am tardy to the party and people have been rocking blue lipstick for ages but this is quite a big step for me.  It is also my first Illamsqua lipstick.  I still have not decided whether I will wear it to IMATS tomorrow but let me tell you about this product.

Illamasqua Disciple 2

It is not sky blue or mid blue, it is the most classic yet decadent of blues – navy blue.  In the bullet it registers as black and it appears to have a bit of shimmer, but this is a matt true navy.  The swivel mechanism of this lipstick is really really smooth so as the bullet appears from the packaging, there is almost an imaginary fanfare (in my head anyway!).  The concave sides to this rectangular bullet make it very comfortable in the hand and he   The lipstick is not fragranced but if you put your nose very close to the bullet, you get a slight cocoa butter fragrance.

Illamasqua Disciple


If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a picture of me wearing it.  This colour is intense and people will look at you with slight confusion on their faces.  I went to the petrol station wearing it and when I handed the cashier the money he said  ‘thanks son’  I was mortified! My hair was in a ponytail, I was wearing bright pink nails jeans and heels.  This is a lipstick that requires careful application and flawless foundation.  I have not used a lip liner with it but application with a lip brush does help with precision –  do blot and reapply.

When you swatch it, it is definitely navy not black.  On the lips, without gloss, it is blue, but with gloss the colour intensifies and looks almost black.  One of the best thing about this colour is that it makes those colours in your lipstick grave yard work.  The best example of this is Nars Schiap.  I remember being very excited about this colour in the bullet, but on my skin it looked TERRIBLE.  However when mixed with Disciple, I am able to create a whole range  of shades of purple.  This is not a colour that I would wear to work but for weekends, high days and holidays… and Halloween – why not?




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