Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser

Ruby Red Body Cleanser

I had the pleasure of meeting Martine the founder of Ruby Red earlier this year at the London Beauty Blogger Meet Up. She is genuinely lovely and we had a really good natter. Martine, I discovered has a lot of experience in the cosmetics industry and decided to set up on her own after being inspired by her travels. It was an even greater pleasure for me though as I was already using and loving her product.

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Do you ever get sidetracked out of your way to go home via a beauty boutique on the way home…. yeah – that. Meandering in Dr Boo Emporium in Dulwich one evening… (I should have gone straight home after work to do laundry but anyway…) I came across a display of Ruby Red products, shower gel in two sizes and body scrubs, so I decided to dip into the range.

PatentPurpleLife Ruby Red Shower Gel

Lime, Red Mandarin, Coriander, Cedarwood – this is citrus with a mellow twist. It is citrussy but not super zesty which I really like.  The cedarwood and and coriander are complementary but not dominant so whilst it is a great morning shower, I also find that it has been a lovely evening shower  fragrance too.  The brown plastic packaging immediately makes you think apothecary and delicious ingredients that need to be kept out of direct light.  The black lid is secure and the writing on the label is big enough for me to read without my glasses.

PatentPurpleLife RubyRed

Ruby Red is a London brand (hurrah) produced in the UK, and made witout detergents, SLS, petrochemicals, parabens, sythetic perfumes or dyes and the brand held a well deserved place in the finals of this year’s Natural and Organic Awards.

It is a thin but not watery gel, which foams!  Not massively but enough – more then other  natural body cleansers that I have used.  Foaming shower products are not a necessity, but I think that a bit of foam makes showers fun don’t you?  Despite the foam, it does not strip the skin.  I have very dry skin and don’t find that my skin is irritated or taut after use or reaching for the body cream any faster then i usually would thanks to the coconut and aloe vera base.  Lovely.

The Ruby Red shower gel has been one of the three shower gels in my bathroom for the past few months – it lasts for ages as a little goes a long way, even when used liberally.



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