Crowning Glory: Less is More – Lime Souffle

Less is More Lime Souffle

So, having washed and conditioned my hair with Less is More LindenGloss Shampoo and Conditioner,  I decided to do a Braid Out (put my wet hair into large plaits, let it dry, take the plaits out) with the Lime Souffle Styling finish which is said to be suitable for all hair types.  Another generous sample from the Natural and Organic Beauty Show earlier this year.

PatentPurpleLife Less Is More LidenGloss and Lime

As with the shampoo and conditioner, the product is in a thirty millilitres aerosol free air tight pump.  Less is more describe this as a ‘light weight gel wax’ which is a great description.  When it said wax on the packaging, I was not expecting it to be quite runny. When you pump it out onto your hand it looks like a lotion, but as you apply it to the hair the waxiness is there but it holds its form as a gel would.

PatentPurpleLife LimeSouffle

The lime water gives this product a very strong citrus scent. The lime smell is not like sherbet or anything synthetic, it has more depth.  As it was runny it was easy to put through my locks.but there there is also alcohol in this product and you can smell it in the blend. once that goes, the honey, lemon and pettigrain remain giving this a very strong citrus fragrance.  It is interesting to note that his product has diatomaceous earth in it.  The same ingredient that was in the Dr Bragi exfoliant.  I don’t know what benefit it provides to the hair (I think it helps the hold, hold) but the styling soufflé is not abrasive in any way.

Decided to use it on a braid out.   I only had thirty millilitres so I concentrated on the lengths and put a different product at the root. I am impressed with the braidout – my hair has held the curl and has been left very lightly fragranced by the product.  It did not leave my hair super dry… but I did add some add some product to my hair on the second day after the braid out. It did not leave my hair heavy or sticky, personally, I I would not use it on my scalp because of the alcohol, but it is a good product for styling  my locs.


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