Less is More: Grapefruit and Cardamon Body Cream

Less is More Grapefruit and Cardamon Body Cream

My fourth and final Less Is More sample is the  Grapefruit and Cardomom Body Cream… which is more of a lotion then a cream.  The cardamom note is quite strong – I would not have recognised the grapefruit it is did not say it on the label but overall  I like the fragrance.

Less is More Grapefruit and Cardamon Body Cream PatentPurpleLife

As with the rest of the range, this product is full of organic goodness.  The coconut, grapeseed, safflower  oil blend with the cocoa butter is a nourishing and moisturising blend.  For my very dry skin this formula would not work in the cooler seasons but at the moment with hot summer, this is working well for me. Less is More PatentPurpleLife Grapefruit Cardamon Body Cream

It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin moisturised but without a sheen.  The fragrance stays on the skin for about thirty minutes.  The thirty millilitres did my full body from neck to foot a few times and I carried it around with me for a couple of weeks to use as a hand cream.  It was actually great in the office as the cream leaves the skin moisturised without being greasy.

I have really enjoyed using all the products from this range and I am looking forward to getting some full sizes.


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