Guerlain:Le Petite Robe Noir (Little Black Dress) Eau de Parfum

Le Petite Robe Noir

As someone that wears black most days, this fragrance is interesting to me.  A little black dress (LBD) means different things to different people but to me it is classic, easy to wear, goes with everything, Dress it up, dress it down… this fragrance however is not that versatile.

 Le Pettite Robe Noir PatentPurpleLife

It is bold. The cherry note does not smell like delicate cherry blossom, it is more like a mashed up bowl of cherries.  It is also heavy, felt, as opposed to silk.  It is not that I don’t like it, but for me, it is a big nocturnal fragrance.  It lasts on the skin for AGES.  There is no need to spritz during the course of the day.  This is not one to be cocktailed or reapplied.  It takes about four hours for it to settle to the intensity that I like.

 Le Petite Robe Noir PatentPurpleLife




The dress on the packaging is pretty, it has a full skirt and capped sleeves and a bit of lace.  I think of this fragrance more as a rouched Vivienne westward tartan dress.  Sculptural and bold.  If you spent the 90’s wearing poison and are drawn to heavy decadent fragrances, this might be what you are looking for.  If you love an oud fragrance, this might rock your boat.  If you like a heady floral… give it a whirl but if you are a citrus, woody or green fragrance kind of girl, you may find this too much… or may need to apply it and wait for hours before you smell it.


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