Event: Deep Tissue Massage at Adamina Spa

Adamina Spa

Adamina Spa 1I first went to the Adamina Spa earlier in the week to celebrate the first anniversary of KeziahConnections with Natalie and was kindly offered a complimentary massage at the spa.

Adamina Spa 2

I jumped (yes literally) at the chance because not only was the space amazing – the staff were all really knowledgeable and  lovely.   I have been super busy at work and between that and the heat, I’ve not been sleeping well.

Adamina Spa 8

On arrival I was met by Damini, the Assistant Manager who was lovely and took me to the changing room where I was presented with a key for my locker.  Adamina Spa is a proper spa, not a salon that is trying to be a spa, it is a place where the lovely staff talk in hushed tones, were nothing is too much trouble and the waffle dressing gown and slippers are pristine white.  I then took myself to the waiting area where water and tea were available along with glossy magazines.  Yasmin my therapist picked me up from this room and took me to the treatment room.

Adamina Spa

The room was lovely and spacious and I was surrounded by super sizes of the Comfort Zone range (an Italian Spa Brand – look out for reviews on a range of their products here over the next few weeks).  There I was treated to some lovely chamber music (no rubbish whale music here thank Crunchie) and an invigorating deep tissue massage.  Yasmin mixed the Comfort Zone Tranquillity Oil (rosewood, vanilla, rose, cedar, palmarosa and orange oils.) with grapeseed oil and worked on my tense muscles for an hour.  The fragrance was not strong at all and it gave sufficient slip for the variety of techniques that Yasmin used to get rid of the knots and tension in my body…. suffice to say – when I got home from my treatment, I had a two hour nap!

Adamina Spa 3

Adamina Spa is a secret haven in the middle of London.  There is a special offer on a the moment – if you go for a treatment between now and the end of August, you get a FORTY PERCENT discount on your treatment.  The treatment has to be carried out Monday to Friday… but they are open til eight or nine during the week so an after work treatment would provide a real opportunity to take advantage of this offer.

And if you do have a treatment – please let me know!



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