The Crick in the Neck Fixer… Nikis Organic Balms: Warming Balm

Nikis Organic Warming Balm

Nikis Organic Warming BalmI tend to blog with my laptop on my lap…with my phone on one side of me, tablet on the other.  I know, I know.  Terrible for my posture but after my 9 – 5 at my desk, another couple of hours at my table just feels like more work.   Sometimes, however my spine lets me know that it has had giving me a crick in my neck.  Not pleasant.  This is where Niki’s Organic Balms come in.


I met the glorious Niki at the Allergy and Free From show.  She was funny and generously spent a bit of time with me talking about the brand and her products despite the queue of customers that was forming.

Nikis Organic Warming Balm 2

Niki is a Reflexologist and she made the first balm, the original balm to use on clients feet.  The popularity of the product resulted in her clients wanting to buy it from her, and eh voila – the range was born.  Niki has several balms in her range but I plumped for the warming balm.  I think the fragrance is  sexy and when I told Niki this, she raised an eyebrow,  laughed (slightly nervously) and explained that this product was great for cramp, stiffness and arthritis… and that it had not been developed to bring sexy back!


Anyway, back to the balm, it is gorgeous orangey yellow – a bit like orange curd.  It is full of delicious and aromatic ingredients.  Moisturising sunflower oil, calendula oil and safflower seed oil are added to the beeswax base.  Then aromatic cinnamon, black pepper, sandalwood sweet orange and rosemary essential oils are blended in with some mood lifting and anti inflammatory St John Wort.    For the first two weeks I had this product I just used to sniff it from the pot or put it on my hands (it is great on dry cuticles) before bed.

Niki Organic Balms - Warming

This is a balm in the true sense of the word.  It melts on contact with the skin leaving the wonderful aroma.  But then I got a crick in my neck…so instead of just sniffing the balm, I actually used it. I did think about getting the mister to massage the balm into my neck for me… but the thought of his big man hands using up the whole pot in one go was enough to stop me.  The balm is not warm when first applied to the skin but as it is massaged into the skin, the action of the fragrance and the massage together, made my neck felt much better.  It was a couple of days before the crick went but this balm definitely helped.

Great for moisuturising knees and elbows and if like me, your leather birkenstocks and sandals are leaving your feet looking a bit ashy, a touch of this balm will get you back on track.

Check out the Nikis Organic Balms website for more information or say hi to Niki on twitter @nikisbalms



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