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Renunail Patent Purple Life

The story of my nails was, that I was wearing a lot of nail varnish to hide the cracks and fissures in  my nails … I would then wait for them to break and I would be forced to file them quite short and the cycle would start again.  I just did not seem to be able to get any length…  I have quite small hands and a small nail bed so a bit of length is something that I like to have as I think my nails and hands look better that way.

 Renunail Patent Purple Life 1

At the Anti Ageing show earlier this year,  my mum and Clair Rose (yes her off the telly!) from Dr LeWinn had a mini love in while my sister and I watched.  As my mum was buying the Renunail set and most of the rest of the products on display – I thought that I would jump on the band wagon and buy one too.  It still did not get me into the Mummy – Clair love fest… but it did give me longer stronger nails. 

Renunail PatentPurpleLife 2

The program I followed was… two coats every Sunday and one coat every day for 5 days following that, then start again on the Sunday. I did not follow the instructions to the letter as you were supposed to follow day five of a single coat by removing the layers and restarting with two coats for 25 days.  I always waited til Sunday to do my two coats so that I always knew that on a Sunday I had to take off the Renunail and start again.  Clair explained that the process would take a bit longer if you wore varnish during the programme but that you could apply the Renunail over any lacquer so for the first two weeks I didn’t wear varnish as I wanted to see the results.  After that I wore nail colour consistently.

 Renunail PatentPurpleLife 3

In the kit there is a humongous  thirty millilitres of nail strengthener, that you use for twenty five days.  A still generous fourteen millilitres of cuticle oil and a further fourteen millilitres of sensitive nail strengthener.  The humongous bottle is used for four weeks to repair the nails followed by three weeks of sensitive strengthener with the cuticle oil being used throughout.

 Renunail PatentPurpleLife 6


I did not record what my nails looked like the week I started but I posted on instagram for weeks two, three and four.  Week three I had a bit of a disaster breaking two nails through gesticulation and trying to get my change from a vending machine.  I had to file down my index finger nail but manager to save my ring finger nail  with a move from squoval to oval nail shape.  Then in the fourth week the nail of my little finger on my right hand broke but again I was able to save it. 

Renunail PatentPurpleLife 7

So the breakage – it is my own fault.  Like I said, I did not cut my nails before I started which meant the fissures in the nails at the start of the program were always areas of weakness which had no chance when I banged my hands or nails on a surface.

 Renunail PatentPurpleLife 4


The polishes are opaque in colour and all go on the nails clear.  They do  not smell particularly and are not uber shiny or completely matte.  It is a good base for nail colour.    The nail oil is an olive, sweet almond, apricot and jojoba oil and a couple of ball bearings to mix the oil before use.  The brush that comes with the oil is not the best as makes – it is a bit rough and application can get messy.

 Renunail PatentPurpleLife 5


I think that the first two weeks was when I really saw the length.  Weeks three and four, the growth did not feel so dramatic but I noticed that the strength was improved.  I have to be honest and say that I am a bit rubbish with cuticle oil.  I did use it, but not as regularly as I should.  I have very hard and very dry cuticles so I do need to look at this again.

 After two weeks using Renunail, my nails looked like this.  They are different lengths and you can see how the density in the nails differs.Renunail Growth Week 2 PatentPurpleLife

Look at my nails nowRenunails PatentPurpleLife my nails today

Look at them – strong and long with some dry cuticle!  For me, despite the breaks, Renunail has been a complete success.  I did have a bit of length when I started the programme, but the length was damaged.   If I had been sensible (like my ma was ) I would have cut my nails to the same length before I started the programme, but I did not so the length is uneven.  Then as my nails grew it became clear where the damage and the fissures were.

I would recommend Renunail, but you have to follow the regime (sis, I’m talking to you).  I found it easy to put another coat of Renunail on every morning while waiting for the kettle to boil, it became part of my routine and the results were great.  It is great to know that there is something in my nail box that works and that I can go to when I need to.

So now, my nails are too long.  There I said it!  A very strange thing for me to say considering that not long ago on this blog I was bemoaning the state of my nails.   The index finger of my right hand is where I noticed the length first.  It is the finger that I use to swipe on my phone and tablet.  Zipping up my jeans… yes the ones that are slightly too tight, is also now more problematic than usual.  I am going to need to file my nails down soon but a the moment, I am still loving the length.


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