Luscious Lips: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss Violine 462

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Violine

I’ve dipped into the Guerlain range again and this time it’s a lip gloss. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Packaging As with the blusher that I reviewed here, this little beauty is housed in a  black box which is highlighted in silver but then the packaging of the gloss is gold. That does not make sense to me.  Surely the gold from the packaging should be reflected on the box or vice versa?   The ingredients are listed on the outside of the box in a mid grey tone so it is almost impossible to see what they are which I really dont understand.  Guerlain’s target market is not tweenies.  Grown ups need larger writing! Guerlain Kiss Kiss Packaging (2) Once inside the box, behold the gold packaging. The tube is not as heavy as it looks.  The gold is in fact plastic not metal so it is not cool to the touch and it  does not have the purse factor of a YSL lippie.  The packaging is  quite thin and the colour just peeks through a small transparent area between the lid and the tube.  It does stand out in a crowded make up bag though. Guerlain Kiss Kiss So far I’m not really impressed the colour and the look of the  packaging more than make up for it.   Violine 462  is a deep raspberry pink colour.  It is  opaque and shiny but not uber/plastic/vinyl shiny.  I love this type of lip gloss, it is pigmented without being sticky and it is easy to apply without a mirror and you can build up the colour or wear it very very sheer as it is applied with my preferred doe foot applicator.  The lip gloss does not magnify imperfections like some glosses do, so if your lips are a bit dry or there is a bit of flaky skin, the texture is very forgiving. Guerlain Kiss Kiss (2) As with most Guerlain colours this product has a fragrance.  It is floral, and to be honest it smells like a cross between a rose and parma violet sweets, neither of which is my favourite fragrance.   I did not find the smell too much on the lips but I was aware of it. On the lips the smell is not overpowering but it does last for about five minutes. Overall, I love the gloss, the packaging, is not as exciting as some of the other lip products in the Guerlain range, but I will definitely be purchasing a lipstick from this brand as they are spot on with formula and texture.


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