BRAND ALERT – Mimi’s Miracle Nourishing Body Whip

Mimi's Miracle Nourishing Body Whip

Mimi's Miracle

Mimi’s Miracle is another brand that I discovered at the Allergy and Free From Show.  Gorgeous Onika was surrounded by an array of oils, soaps butters and body polishes so I had to go and find out more. The range was born out necessity as Onika’s young daughter suffered with chronic excema. The GP’s prescribed steroid cream made matters worse and with a bit of research and determination the range was born. Mimi's Miracle 1

This has a real whipped / mouse texture.  You know how when you put your spoon into a chocolate mouse, it makes a subtle popping sound from where the air bubbles are being squashed.  Well this product make that same sound.  Lots of products out there say that they are whipped but this really does have a mousse texture.   As a result, the texture is really light.  It melts in the hand within second to a smooth texture. There is no water in the whip, but the oils in the blend and their different melting points mean that you don’t need to work as hard to massage the product into the skin as you would with a shea only product.  It absorbs into the skin leaving a sheen and then after an hour or so the sheen goes but eh skin is still moisturised.    Mimi's Miracle 2

There are only seven ingredients in the blend: Shea butter, avocado oil, castor oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, vegetable and  glycerine.  Each ingredient carefully chosen for their nourishing, moisturising and healing properties the effects of which last all day.  The ingredients in this product are delicious and although it is a body product, I have used it on my hair as well.  When you put your nose to the tub, the shea butter and avocado oil comes through but it is not strong and once on the skin is hardly noticeable.  There are no essential oils or fragrance to irritate sensitive skins.  

Mimi's Miracle 3

I have used it on the lips, hair, cuticles everywhere and there are no complaints from me.  If you have dry skin and are looking for a hard working product (if you know that Shea butter does not irritate your skin) then have a look at this range.  If Shea butter does irritate your skin then have a look at this range as there are other butters and whips without shea butter soaps and products for babies and young children to peruse. More information can be found on the website or stop by the facebook page and say hello.


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